How to quickly learn to pull up

Almost every healthy person is physically able to lift the weight of his body with his hands.

Every novice is interested in how quickly to learn to pull himself up. The question is simple, but the concrete or physical embodiment of the answer depends largely on the personality of the trainee.

We can single out four questions that must be solved for everyone who wants to learn how to pull themselves right:

1. Psychological training

First of all, you have to believe that you can do what almost all teenagers and men freely do. You are no worse, and maybe better, but have not yet tested yourself in the matter.

Believe that you have enough physical strength since birth. The only thing you do not have yet is the practical experience and techniques of doing exercises.

Believe in the fact that you will succeed after not very difficult preparation and training.

2. General physical training

Before starting any physical exercise requiring great physical exertion, you need to do some simple exercises for warming up and stretching muscles.

This will protect yourself from injury, (dislocations, sprains, convulsions).

Warm up from the top down, i.e. from head to foot. Such a warm-up can repeat any set of exercises for morning exercises, which you know.

Spend on the workout 10 - 15 minutes.

Qualitative warm-up facilitates exercise with exercise. With a preliminary warm-up, it is easier to learn how to pull up properly.

3. Preparation of the hands

It is premature to think about how quickly to learn to pull up if the hands are weak.

Check the strength of brushes in a simple way, oncrossbar. It is necessary to freely hang on the crossbar without touching the floor and not swinging. If you managed to keep the hanging for 30 seconds, then you can safely start training exercises for pulling.

If the brushes are weak, then you need to strengthen them. The simplest and most convenient tool is the carpal expander. It is enough to purchase the simplest rubber expander and this will be enough to strengthen the muscles of the hands.

A few days of training with an expander will strengthen the hands enough to start training exercises for pulling.

You can again check the duration of the visibility on the crossbar and make sure of the strength of the hands.

The strength of the hands is the secret of how quickly to learn to pull yourself up.

4. Proper breathing

We must learn to breathe properly. This applies not only to lifting exercises, but also to all power exercises.

The rule is simple: on the inhalation, movements are made to return to the initial position, and on the exhalation they produce direct movements that require muscle tension.

Proper breathing is the secret of how to learn to pull yourself well.

If all the preparatory conditions are met, you can start training.

For the first workouts, you can start with awhich palms of hands will be directed to itself. As you gain experience, the hands should be spread with the palms of your hands. Brushes on the crossbar are located at shoulder width.

Do not try to do a full pull in the first exercises. Pull in partially. The main thing is to learn to start the process of pulling. The rest will come with practice.

An exercise:

1. Take the hanging on the crossbar. Take a breath.

2. On exhalation, make a sharp jerk upward, it will allow the body to bend slightly in the region of the girdle. This, in turn, will create a small but necessary and sufficient angle in the elbow and shoulder joints, which will allow the muscle contraction to begin to begin pulling. Without an initial upward tug, it will be difficult to begin contraction of the muscles of the elbow and shoulder joints.

3. At the inspiration, lower the body to its original position. Repeat the exercise.

After doing several dozen exercises, you canlearn to pull yourself up and teach other people the secrets of how quickly learn to pull yourself up. Daily training 2-3 times a day for a week will give the result in a few confident pull-ups.

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