The diet is 20-20. Nutrition rules and reviews

The only way to lose extra pounds andto find the figure of your dreams is to keep to a diet and play sports. It is very important to make a weight loss program individually for yourself, because there is no one universal recipe for everyone. One way to get rid of excess weight is diet 20-20.

What it is

Many nutritionists say that getting rid ofexcess weight in a short time is impossible, but the diet 20-20 breaks all stereotypes. Just want to note that this is not the easiest way, it assumes a lot of restrictions in nutrition and will suit only those who really want to lose weight and are able to collect all will power into a fist and make any sacrifices.

diet 20 kg per month

Exactly for 20 days this diet is calculated, 20 kgfor a month, and, more precisely, even less - this is the expected result. Of course, at first glance - it's more fantastic than reality, but, nevertheless, the prospect of getting rid of 20 kg almost instantly is a powerful stimulus for those who suffer from excess weight.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Diet 20-20 is based on consumptionlow-calorie foods with a high level of nutritional value. All food is not only not stored in fat, but also contributes to its splitting. One significant advantage of this diet is that it contains enough vitamins and minerals for the human body.

So, what products are recommended for use:

  1. Cabbage: white or broccoli.
  2. Cucumbers, tomatoes and greens.
  3. Apples.
  4. Boiled chicken fillet and fish.
  5. Chicken eggs.
  6. Buckwheat and brown rice.
  7. Milk and cottage cheese.
  8. Green tea.

However, to make an individual menu withuse of permitted products is entirely possible. Such a diet is very diverse and does not require any expensive ingredients, which makes the diet more accessible to a wide audience.

diet for 20 days

What can not be consumed:

  1. Black tea and coffee.
  2. Products with lots of salt and sugar.
  3. Bread and bakery products.
  4. Fatty and fried foods.
  5. Canned food and semi-finished products.
  6. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  7. Fatty sauces, mayonnaise and condiments.

To consume all of the above products is not recommended even for those who do not follow a diet, or at least strictly limit their amount in the daily diet.


You can create a menu for yourself,because the diet for weight loss of 20 kg less than a month is based not only on the restriction in calories, but also on the alternation of protein and vegetable days. That is, two days in the diet should be mainly food with lots of protein, while the other two need to eat vegetables and fruits.

On protein days, you need to cook chicken fillet orfish, eat curd and milk, chicken eggs, drink meat low-fat broths. It is desirable to divide the entire diet into 3-4 meals. A portion of protein products should not exceed 200 grams at a time, and one piece of rye bread per meal is acceptable. In the breaks between breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can drink green tea and water.

diet for weight loss of 20 kg

In vegetable days, you can eat vegetables, ready-made andraw, fruit and cereals. One serving of vegetables should not exceed 300 g. It is also important to distribute the entire daily menu for 3 or 4 meals. It is permissible to eat one piece of rye bread and start the morning with a cup of invigorating coffee, but without sugar and milk.

Reviews of slimming

If you analyze the reviews that are left innetwork, this is really a powerful and effective diet, 20 kg per month, of course, not everyone can throw off, but the result sometimes exceeds all expectations. The main problem of many, especially those who as a result negatively responds to this diet, is that not everyone can so strictly control their appetite. Perhaps before you start losing weight, you should prepare your body and remove the prohibited foods from your daily diet.

According to the majority of weight loss, the result independs on the initial mass of the body. The bigger it is, the better will be the loss of kilograms. By the way, many noted that after switching to normal diet, appetite decreases and eating habits change, and the lost weight does not return back in full. In addition, many are struck by the fact that a diet for 20 days is able to bring such an effect.

diet 20 20

But it's worth remembering an important moment. Diet 20-20 involves not only food, but also physical exercises, because of the sharp loss of weight can go largely to muscle mass and sagging skin, and this can not be allowed.

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