The best exercises for stretching for beginners

Many people want to have a beautiful, elastic body. With what to begin? Of course, with daily exercises and stretching. This will help to maintain health for many years. Exercises for stretching for beginners should be done gradually, increasing the load each time.

Exercises for stretching for beginners
1. We will weave our hands over our heads to the castle. Keep your head in your hands. Now we proceed to rotational movements of the pelvis. First in one direction, then in another. Note that you can not change the position of the shoulders, keep your back straight, do not bend your knees. Do circular motions with your pelvis - left, right, back, forward.
Stretching exercises for the whole body
2. The best stretching exercises: bend your hands, press your fists against your chest. In this position, we begin to perform rotations with the body. First left, then right. This wonderful exercise will help add a little bit of flexibility and energy to the body.

3. Carefully and accurately conduct stretch marks. Exercises for the whole body: fasten your hands over your head to the castle (you can just take one hand in the other). Now slowly bend in different directions. Do this exercise carefully, without trying to bend as far as possible. If there is a fear, take care of insurance - choose a reliable partner. During this stretch, you should move away from small objects, walls, as you can fall on them and get injured. The ideal place is a spacious empty room.

4. We do useful exercises for stretching. For beginners, such an exercise is best: we lean forward so that the hands form a right angle. This can be checked using a flat floor. At the first stage, we touch the socks only with the fingers, and then with the palms.

5. If you have a good fourth point, you can already start to more difficult slopes. Their complexity lies in the fact that we will already try to clasp our legs with our hands, touch their heads and even the hull.

Stretching exercises for the whole body

6. Flexible people are perfect for such exercises for stretching for beginners, as a "bridge". No, do not be afraid of this word. In fact, there is nothing complicated! First we lay down on the floor, put our hands near the head in parallel and try to rise. Do not be sad if from the first try it does not work out. It's quite normal. Gradually you will learn how to perform this stretching.

Exercises for stretching for beginners

7. Do all the exercises gradually. For stretching, for beginners the deflections back will approach. Yes, it is for beginners! It is already necessary to take care of insurance, as we will need to bend over and back down. Raise your hands above your head, try to bend as much as possible in the back. The result should be such that you know how to get up on the "bridge" from standing position.

The best stretching exercises

8. We lay down on the floor, slowly raise our legs and lower them. They must be at an angle of 90 degrees. To complicate this exercise, add a deflection in the back and throw the legs behind the head. This means that you need to touch the floor over your head with your socks.

We were able to bring all the good stretching exercises. They will perfectly serve newcomers in their hard work.

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