The biggest penis in the world is male record-holders

Many men like to brag about theirdimensions. The absolute majority gives out wishful thinking, but some can boast of really impressive "devices." But stories are stories, but real records sometimes are amazing. So, we bring to your attention the biggest penises in the world!

Top three in size

American screenwriter, showman and actor fromNew York Iona Falcon is the holder of perhaps the most interesting record in the world - he has the largest penis in the world. The size of the penis of this gentleman reaches 34 cm. In fact, the size of the "little friend" of Jonah is so great that he can wrap it a couple of times around his arm.

the biggest penis in the world

It is not known whether there is another reasonableexplanation, except the notorious passion of Americans to a large size, but the owner of the second largest member in the world also comes from America. Mr. Dan prefers to hide his name from the general public. The size of his penis is 28 cm.

Omar Williams from Nottingham (UK)occupies an honorable third place in the rating with 25.5 cm. He not only has an outstanding male virtues, but also a good "entrepreneur" - Mr. Williams makes quite good money, filming in adult films.


Contrary to popular belief, the largest penisin the world - this is not always an occasion for pride. For example, the leader of the list, Jonah was detained at the San Francisco airport for smuggling. Border guards were interested in its oversized size. First the poor fellow was sent to the scanner, and then thoroughly searched. Jonah is a law-abiding citizen and refused to refuse to officers. Later in social networks, he told that the customs officers literally did not believe their eyes, constantly asking if it was a tumor, whether he was sick.

the world's largest member

Strange, but Mr. Falcon is not going to servein court on customs officers. According to him, they were at least as confused as him. After this incident, he ironically said that in just two hours the truth was established, and he was released.

In 1999, Falcon was removed from the documentaryfilm. Known far beyond America's television channel HBO said that the largest penis in the world was found. Mr. Falcon was given a whole page in Wikipedia. It's no wonder that since then the TV presenter and actor is simply overwhelmed with lucrative offers from porn studios around the world. However, it is necessary to give Jonah the due - he does not seek easy ways. The man basically does not agree to appear in adult films, because he believes that this in no way will help him grow up as an actor or as an individual.

Unrecognized leaders

the largest penises in the world

There are a lot of medical records about men,claiming the largest penis in the world. The trouble is that the absolute majority of these people are tired of excessive attention and try not to go out into the light.

The Russian journalist Malor Stur argues thatThe world's largest member belongs to Ron Jeremy, with whom he worked in the seventies. The dimensions of his penis were about 49 cm. The famous actor himself claims that his penis did not overcome the mark of 23 cm. In any case, Ron Jeremy got into the Guinness Book of World Records not for an allegedly large member, but for great endurance - this man was confirmed in 1750 "adult" films.

Some statistics

The absolute majority of specialists believe thatThus, after carrying out simple mathematical calculations, it can be confidently asserted that no more than a thousand people have a penis whose real length exceeds 30 cm.

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