Pamir wedding. Secrets of Tajik customs and traditions

The Pamir is located on the territory of Tajikistan inCentral Asia. The mountainous regions of the Pamirs are significantly remote from civilization, therefore the peoples living here are not as modern as, for example, the inhabitants of Dushanbe. In the Pamir, all Tajik customs and traditions are observed. People here are incredibly religious, they honor their ancestors and observe the laws. Tajikistan is a Muslim country, with its own culture. National values ​​of Tajiks are not close to modern Russians, but they are interesting and curious. It is especially interesting to study the culture of weddings in the traditional style.

The Pamir wedding is an important event for everyone indistrict. As the Tajiks themselves say, a wedding is a holiday primarily for the guests, for the bride and groom, the meaning of the wedding is a bit different. Preparation for the wedding begins with the selection of the bride groom. Often matchmaking occurs already in infancy and is called "govorabash". Young girls and boys were married by either parents or matchmakers. By tradition, before the wedding, the bride and groom can not even talk and get to know each other better. As the story goes, the younger the bride, the better. Quite early in life, a young girl who did not get married is considered an "old maid." The Pamir wedding is not much different from the wedding of other Muslims. Here, too, the bride prepares her dowry in advance, packed in 2 chests. Help her in this mom, sisters, grandmothers and aunts. Women from the clan sew blankets, pillows and other bedding for the newlyweds, believing that by their prayers and work they will help preserve happiness in marriage. Also, the awning woven by the aunts protects the newlyweds from the evil eye and evil spirits. At this time, the groom should prepare a ransom (bride price) for the bride.

Pamir wedding, like any other, requiresthorough preparation. Making tables for a wedding, preparing food, decorating the halls completely falls on the shoulders of relatives. Any wedding is expensive. In Tajikistan it is accepted to walk "on a broad foot", to invite hundreds of guests, musicians and cooks. Traditional Tajik food is pilaf cooked according to a special recipe. People richer order restaurants, where they invite a thousand relatives, those who can not afford luxury, arrange a celebration right on the street. As mentioned above, the wedding is a holiday for the guests. The bride with her friends at this time is leaving behind the curtain, where she will spend most of the evening. On the wedding day, the bride puts on a veil. By tradition, it is accepted that the tables are covered for men and women separately, and exactly at 9 pm the fun stops. Also in the Pamir territory a "dry law" was introduced, so instead of alcohol guests and newlyweds drink tea. In truth, the Pamir wedding is the most sober wedding in the world. Talking about what can and what should not be given for a wedding, it is worth noting that in this the laws of Muslims are quite democratic. Relatives and parents give young cars at home. At the wedding is not accepted to save. The gift should be useful, necessary in a life and not cheap, after all you, as well as other visitors, prepare bridal for a family independent life.

The Pamirs are hospitable people, sincere. They honor and respect both their traditions and the traditions of other nations. Traditional weddings are also popular in Tajikistan, but the people do not lag behind the modern world. Here, as in other countries, the services of toastmasters, singers and entertainers, who are able to entertain guests on this joyful day, are popular. Guests relatives of the young people in every way pleasures, feed and drink. Fun here can last for more than one day, because weddings are not so often. The grooms in the Pamir are notable, and the brides are not inferior to men. As a rule, not even familiar with each other before, the newlyweds get along well and are happy in marriage for dozens of years.

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