How to collect a Rubik's cube in 30 seconds? The method of Jessica Friedrich

Often people ask themselves how to learncollect a Rubik's cube and then increase the speed of its assembly, because many professional athletes collect it in just 7-10 seconds. 80% of them cope with the task in 12 seconds.

Here it becomes clear that behind the skill and experience is something more: talent, skill, formulas, system?

All professional athletes in speedcuba(the so-called cube assembly for speed) create their own systems, come up with their own unique combinations that are convenient for them personally. But some fans of the sports assembly of the cube went further and created common rules that help beginners in this difficult matter. One such athlete was Jessica Friedrich, whose formulas are used by many speedcubes to this day, although they were invented more than thirty years ago.

jessica friedrich

The history of the appearance of the Rubik's Cube

Beginning its puzzle was in Hungary in 1974year. The founder of the Cube was the teacher of interior design Erno Rubik, who at that time still lived with his parents. Subsequently, he became one of the richest people in Hungary.

Rubik's Cube Jessica Friedrich

The idea of ​​creating a cube came to Erno not immediately: Originally he invented a special textbook in the form of 27 small cubes with multi-colored faces. With the help of this material, Rubik explained to students the mathematical theory of groups. Over time, this benefit has taken on the appearance of the present Rubik's cube - with 26 small cubes and a cylindrical part that holds them together instead of the central inner cube.

Output of the cube "to the masses"

In Hungary, as in the former socialist camp,it was quite difficult to develop individual entrepreneurship. Patented his project Erno Rubik was able only in 1975, with the release of the first experimental batch of cubes occurred only in 1977. The large-scale development of Rubik's invention was received in 1980 after Tibor Lakzi and Tom Kremer became interested in him. As a result of their efforts in promoting the Rubik's cube, a puzzle was started by one of the famous American companies, releasing a full-scale batch of one million copies.

jessica friedrich of formula

At that time every tenth civilized residentencountered this puzzle. In the USSR Rubik's cube appeared in 1981 and immediately won the popularity and love of the people. With him, the children and their teachers went to school, collecting a cube under the desk or hiding behind a class magazine, he was preferred to any birthday present.

Rubik's Cube Variations

In the original version, the Rubik's cubewas a system of 3 × 3 × 3. Its visible elements are 26 small cubes and 54 colored faces. Six central cubes have monochrome faces, twelve side ones have two-color faces, and eight corner cubes have three-color cubes. In assembled form all 6 faces of a large cube are painted in one color, while, as a rule, the green face is opposite the blue one, the orange one is opposite the red one, and the white one is opposite the yellow face. This is the classic Rubik's cube model.

Now there are a lot of different models of the cube: they are 2 × 2, 4 × 4, and 5 × 5.

Methods for building a cube

There are a lot of methods for quickly assembling a Rubik's cube, the main ones are:

  • Roux;
  • Petrus;
  • ZZ;
  • CFOP, or the method of Jessica Friedrich.

With the help of all the named methods it is possible to get good results, but the most popular of them is the latter one. Let us dwell more precisely on it.

Jessica's method

Cube Rubik Jessica Friedrich first took inhands as a 16-year-old girl. She was so keen on this puzzle that she soon developed her own technique for building a cube. In 1982, Jessica won first place in the competition for high-speed assembly of the cube.

Subsequently, Jessica herself modified the way she used to assemble the cube, and other people also contributed to the further development.

So there was the method of Jessica Friedrich, still very popular and used everywhere, thus she made a huge contribution to the sport called "speedcubing".

CFOP method for assembly stages

How do you collect the Rubik's Cube by the method of Jessica Friedrich?

Friedrich divided her assembly system by 4the main parts, each of which received its name: Cross, F2L, OLL, PLL. So the method of Jessica Friedrich acquired another name - CFOP on the first letters of each step. What is each level of the Frederick cube assembly?

how to assemble a cube of rubik method jessica friedrich

  1. Cross - the first point of assembly of the Rubik's cube, on which it is necessary to collect a cross on the front side of the four edge cubes of the lower face.
  2. F2L (First two layers) - the second point of the algorithmFriedrich, here is assembling the lower and middle layers. This stage of assembly by right can be considered the longest in the whole process: here it is necessary to completely assemble the face with a cross and an intermediate layer of four side blocks.
  3. OLL (Orient the last layer) - the orientation of cubes of the upper layer. It is necessary to collect the last face, it is not so important that the cubes are not yet in their places.
  4. PLL (Permute the last layer) - the correct arrangement of cubes of the upper layer.

Tips for assembling the Rubik's Cube

You can understand Jessica Friedrich's system, butHere to collect a cube for 30 seconds and faster - only to very patient and assiduous person. In this issue, like the assembly of the Rubik's cube, there is little one technical knowledge of the process, here one can not do without skill, some experience and long training.

The main thing that you can advise a beginnerspeedcube - is the purchase of a quality puzzle, not a Chinese counterfeit. The matter is that for fast assembly it is necessary to rotate a cube by one finger, thus it should not be razboltan.

Also, it is desirable to lubricate the cube with silicone grease, which comes complete with a puzzle or bought separately, for example, in a car dealer.

By applying zeal, patience and endurance to the knowledge gained from Jessica Friedrich, anyone can quickly learn how to collect a Rubik's cube.

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