Social and pedagogical activity in the upbringing of a child

Social and pedagogical activity is suchactivities that are directed at a particular child. It contributes to the solution of its individual problems by means of cognition of the individual and society, the search for adequate communication techniques, the detection of means that help to solve their problem on their own. This is realized as a complex of rehabilitation and preventive measures. And also through the organization of various aspects of life.

Social and pedagogical activity is based on such principles as confidentiality, reliance on an objective approach to the child, an individual, personal approach to the learner.

This helps to solve the following tasks:

  • the formation of the foundations of legal culture in the critical situation of modern society;
  • formation of survival skills;
  • strengthening physically and mentally through the implementation of a complex of psychological, pedagogical, medical and other activities;
  • education of an active person;
  • formation of family and citizen qualities;
  • formation of positive self-esteem, versatile hobbies and interests;
  • the creation of positive value orientations in the process of correctional and socio-pedagogical work;
  • the creation of forms of active social and pedagogical protection and assistance for a particular child.

Pedagogical activity is the professional actions of a teacher, with the help of various means of influencing the trainees, he implements the tasks of education and training.

The pedagogical process is divided into educational,educational, organizational, propagandistic, managerial, advisory and self-educational. The pedagogical process is a multifaceted and multifaceted activity that is related to upbringing and education.

In the psychological structure of the pedagogicalactivity includes a motivational-orienting part, the task of which is motivation to carry out actions. And also the teacher at this stage sets goals and objectives.

In the executive part, the means of influence on the trainees are chosen and applied.

In the control and evaluation part, pedagogical self-analysis is conducted with the help of monitoring and evaluation of their personal educational influences.

Social and pedagogical activity beginsin fact, from the fact that there is a thorough analysis of the initial situation, and not the identification of goals and objectives. The set of conditions under which pedagogical tasks and goals are set by the teacher, educational solutions are adopted and implemented, called the pedagogical situation.

Any situation in which educational tasks and goals are realized becomes pedagogical.

The functions of pedagogical activity are divided into twogroups: organizational-structural and goal-setting. These are such functions as: developing, constructive-organizational, diagnostic, coordinating, communicative, and also maternal and transformational.

The social purpose of the profession of a teacher iscommunication of generations. Entering into life, each succeeding generation must receive the experience of the preceding generations, which is reflected in customs, morals, scientific knowledge, traditions, methods and methods of work. It is precisely in the accumulation of this experience and the transfer to its pupils that the social appointment of the teacher consists. The process of development of each student is governed by the teacher, which largely determines the prospects for the development of society.

Initially, the profession of the teacher was one of the most honorable, most important and ancient in society. Thus, the social and pedagogical activity for the life of each child is quite significant.

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