System analytical method of research

Every day a person has to facea lot of problems, some of them require a quick solution, and some can be postponed for a while. To make a spontaneous decision, intuition is most often used (when the answer comes at the subconscious level) or common sense (the decision is based on available experience and precise calculation). The latter method, in the opinion of many scientists, is beneficial only in standard situations. However, there are times when the decision must be correct and there is no right to make a mistake, because the outcome can be deplorable. In this case, a system analysis of the object of research is used.

Under the analysis we mean mental work,directed at the mental dismemberment of a particular object or situation on the components to find the answer to the question of interest by exploring them. In system analysis, the object is a problem that is divided into sub-problems. This analytical method of research involves the following procedures:
- description of the object,
- the functioning of the object,
- development trends.
This method is extremely necessary for solving problems in which it is impossible to be guided only by common sense.

System analysis as a research method divides the existing problem into several classes:
1) the first class - problems having a certain structure and quantitative characteristics,
2) the second class - problems with a weakly expressed structure, in which there are no clear quantitative characteristics,
3) the third class - problems in which there is no structure.

Analytical research method for the secondThe class of problems showed that you can not use only mathematical calculations here, you will also need intuition and experience; for the third class it is necessary to translate the problem to a higher level due to intuition and logic, after which to seek a solution.

The advantage that distinguishes system analysis of an objectresearch before other types of analysis - a deep awareness of the problem, based on the identification of links, which is extremely useful for identifying non-standard solutions, as well as a clear understanding of the purpose and effectiveness of resource use.

However, this analytical method of researchhas disadvantages, the main among them is the inevitable incompleteness of the study, a rather approximate evaluation of the effectiveness and the impossibility of obtaining an accurate forecast.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to fully structure the system analysis as a research method, but the possibility of using some rules that have been confirmed in practice is:
1) Recommend creating the maximum possible number of models to solve the problem,
2) It is necessary to consider the problem both in the static and in the developing state,
3) Use a deductive approach to solving the problem posed.

To identify the correct solution givenanalytical method of research involves the allocation of not only the task and its consideration, but also the coordination of the solution obtained, on the basis of available practical data on its feasibility, on the basis of which the final judgment and making a verdict on the decision are made.

In many cases, the problems are moreparts are far-fetched, so before you start to solve them, you need to ask a question about their relevance. If the problem does exist, then it will have many associated problems that develop with it. A very important point is the purpose of the study. It is on its achievement and will be sent all the solutions received.

Depending on the task, they usevarious strategies for solving the problem. One of those is the system analysis, which allows to decompose the situation "on the shelves" and with the right campaign to find competent options for turning "bad" into "good."

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