Methods of research in the course work on the history of pedagogy

The choice of research methods depends on whichthe field of pedagogy will find its coverage in the course work. For each branch of pedagogy, special methods and general methods can be used. For a historical review, a consistent analysis of events in the foreshortening of that object, which is taken as a basis for the study, will be required. For example, in the process of studying the humanistic ideas of Leo Tolstoy in pedagogy, research methods in course work will facilitate the conduct of both theoretical research and practical, historical-genetic analysis.

Historical analysis is conducted to establisha chronological chain of events, facts that could be learned from literary sources, archival materials. Between the links of the chain it is necessary to trace the cause-effect relationship, to analyze the sequence of the events studied. Genetic analysis presupposes the study of the previous experience, which developed in the pre-scientific era. For example, it is possible to conduct an analysis of the origin of humanism and its manifestation outside the work of Tolstoy. The signs of a humanistic attitude in the pedagogy of the past and the present are being studied, and analogies are being made with Tolstoy's pedagogy. Any genesis has stages of its development, therefore, a sequential predisposing stage is described, within which the conditions that gave rise to the phenomenon are analyzed; stage of nucleation, maturation, stabilization and extrapolation, i.e. design for the future.

Methods of research in the thesisare supplemented by an analysis of the historical and pedagogical process from the standpoint of psychology, philosophy, and culturology, which allows the researcher to present a voluminous vision of the object, to draw conclusions about the driving force behind the development of the subject of research. Working with sources of a different nature allows the student to use the analytical-search method as the main one.

The methods of research in the course work on the history of pedagogy can be not only highly specialized, but also general. It:

1) Methods of empirical research: observation, comparison, classification, experiment.

2) Methods of empirical and theoretical research: abstraction, analysis, synthesis, modeling, deduction and induction, periodization.

3) Methods of theoretical research: historical and logical methods, ascent from the abstract to the concrete, idealization, axiomatization.

Methods of research in the course work cancombined or used strictly one group of methods. If the student pursues the goal of further using historical material in another scientific work, then only methods of theoretical research are used, and empirical research is supposed to be carried out in the thesis or the master's thesis.

The urgency of the theme of the course workhistorical and pedagogical orientation can become the basis for the selection of research methods. The historical data collected and analyzed by the student should go back to modern pedagogical knowledge: saturate it, give grounds to innovations, establish continuity between old and new knowledge. In the history of pedagogy there are many ideas that make up the scientific and pedagogical capital accumulated in the works of the classics of pedagogy, philosophy, culture at different stages of the development of society.

The methods of research in the course work indicateon the breadth or specialization of the subjects of historical research in the field of pedagogy, on the author's use of comparisons of various areas of pedagogy, or on the study of the development of one area of ​​knowledge, one specialist who became the founder of a specific method of education.

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