The objectives of the lesson are not only the assimilation of the new, but the development of the personality

lesson objectives
Pedagogical activity, like any other,requires careful organization. We all remember at least one or two lectures, which we carried away and captured. The highest pilotage of the teacher will be a brilliant improvisation, but it is always thoughtful. And although they are trained in specialized universities to compose abstracts in which it is necessary to record the objectives of the lesson, tasks, materials, in real teaching practice everything looks a little different. The real teacher follows the planned plan as if by degrees, and does not follow convulsively in the notebook: "how could something not be forgotten." Of course, mastery comes with years and experience, and the objectives of the lesson can be very different: both educational, methodical, and teaching, and developing ... Often they can not be clearly separated, tear one from the other. And thanks to the diversity and change of activities in the classroom, sometimes in a single topic you can realize almost everything. Especially this
objectives of a foreign language lesson
In the case of humanitarian subjects, knowledgealways "humanized", painted with psychological nuances. For example, when we talk about the poetry of Pushkin or Tiutchev, analyzing the first ball of Natasha Rostova or Katerina's monologue from "The Thunderstorms," ​​we not only deal with literature theory, but we touch the living fabric - the soul. Or, for example, history - here, too, the objectives of the lesson are often complex, complex. Talk about the Great French Revolution can easily become not just information about dates and persons, but to touch on deeper issues: violence, protest, social change ...

Similarly, the purpose of the lesson of a foreign language, and in

developing the objectives of the lesson
school, and in courses, and in high school, are multifaceted. On the one hand, we practice new grammatical or syntactic constructions, introduce another portion of words. On the other hand, only then will the mastery of the material be successful, when the material will vividly affect the students. Therefore, the objectives of the lesson must necessarily include both the improvement of language competencies and the comprehension of the new. Foreign language refers to those subjects that give not just knowledge, but the very "second wing". It is these lessons that lay the foundation for the socialization of man. It is on them that his self-awareness depends in the era of globalization. If the teacher, implementing the developing objectives of the lesson, manages to bridge the bridge to another culture, to another way of thinking, then he realized the task set before him. In what exactly can this manifest itself? In the selection of material. For example, sometimes a beautiful song with a good text will not only serve to develop grammatical constructions, but will also interest, draw from the aesthetic point of view, attach to the creativity of the author. Or a topic connected with ambiguous historical events for countries, which cause discussions and pose new questions. Do not be afraid of such materials, such texts in the classroom. The objectives of the lesson, for example, educational, will in this case be realized in an implicit manner, along with educational ones. Students will have the experience of conducting a discussion, think about how else to look at the problem, and finally learn to tolerate a stranger, different from our opinion. A variety, interesting, deep materials will help to master the training program as it is with the general development, with the formation of the personality.

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