Belarusian Agricultural Academy: history, faculties and specialties, passing grade

Belarusian Agricultural Academy -Leading university in the field of training specialists for agriculture. About 15 thousand people are now trained here on a wide range of proposed training areas. The university is famous for its quality of education, good material and technical base. What faculties are there? What are the results of the entrance tests that are sufficient for the Belarusian Agricultural Academy to enroll?

History of the institution

The Belarusian Agricultural Academy has openedTheir doors for the first students in 1840 in Gorki. At that time, the establishment of education did not carry such a name. It was called the Gorigoretsky Agricultural School. From its walls came agronomists and stewards for private and state estates. In 1848 an important transformation took place. The school was divided into 2 educational institutions - the Agricultural Institute and the Agricultural College.

In 1863 there was an uprising. After this event the institute was moved to St. Petersburg. In Gorki there was only a school. Later it was decided to restore the institute in this city. This event happened in 1919, and in 1925 the status of the institution increased. This is the history of the appearance of the Agricultural Academy.

Belarusian Agricultural Academy

Faculties on the full-time department

Currently in the Agricultural Academytraining is carried out in 2 forms - on full-time and part-time. On each of them are opened certain faculties engaged in the preparation of students and entrants. At full-time department there are 10 such structural divisions. They offer specialties that are related:

  • with agronomy;
  • land management;
  • agroecology;
  • economy;
  • land reclamation and construction;
  • law and business;
  • aquaculture and biotechnology;
  • accounting;
  • mechanization of the agricultural area;
  • pre-university training and the establishment of international relations.

of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Faculties of correspondence department

The correspondence form implies the training of studentswithout taking time off from work. The educational process for busy persons in the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy organizes a correspondence department. There are 4 faculties on it:

  • agrobiological;
  • accounting;
  • engineering;
  • law and economics.

Overview of some specialties in the school

Belarusian State AgriculturalThe Academy offers a variety of specialties. For example, one of the directions of training at the agroecological faculty is "Fruit and vegetable growing". It is planned to study soil science with the basics of geology, agrochemistry and the system of application of fertilizers, general fruit growing, selection of vegetable and fruit crops, storage, processing and standardization of fruit and vegetable products. At the end of the training, the qualification of the agronomist is assigned.

One of the directions of training at the facultymechanization of agriculture - "Technical support of agricultural production" (assigned qualification - engineer). At it the Belarusian Agricultural Academy prepares students for work with agricultural machinery, for performing maintenance, repair and operation of machines, tractors, etc.

Belarusian Agricultural Academy passing grade

Many applicants choosespecialty "Accounting, Audit and Analysis". This direction of training is of interest to those who apply, because economists are very much in demand in the labor market. Graduates of the Agricultural Academy work in various enterprises. They deal with the solution of financial, accounting, analytical, economic problems, maintain accounting records.

Entrance examinations at full-time department

Upon admission to full-time studiesEntrants pass 3 introductory tests in the form of centralized testing (CT). The main subject is Belarusian or Russian (optional). The remaining disciplines are profile. The Belarusian Agricultural Academy has determined the following admission tests for admission to certain faculties:

  • Agro-ecological, agronomic faculties and the Faculty of Biotechnology and Aquaculture require the results of CT on biology and chemistry;
  • on the land management and meliorative-building faculties and the faculty of mechanization of agriculture - in mathematics and physics;
  • at the faculties of accounting, business and law, and the economics department - in mathematics and a foreign language.

When enrolling for a shortened period of study (on the basis of secondary specialized education), applicants take 2 written exams. They are determined by the Admission Committee of the Agricultural Academy.

Belarusian Academy of Agriculture

Examinations at correspondence department

Entrance examinations at correspondence departmentare provided in the form of a DH and a written exam conducted at the academy. If the entrant enters non-agricultural specialties, then he must pass the DH. When entering agricultural specialties, entrance tests can be either in the form of a DH or in the form of written examinations.

The list of items to be handed can be as follows:

  • biology, chemistry at the agrobiological faculty;
  • mathematics, physics at the Faculty of Engineering;
  • mathematics or social studies and a foreign language at the Faculty of Law and Economics.

On distance learning, as well as on the full-time, there are also specialties with a shortened term of study. The introductory tests are two written exams held at the Agricultural Academy.

Belarusian State Agricultural Academy passing grade

Belarusian Agricultural Academy: passing grade on full-time department

When enrolling in an institution of higher learning, members of the admissions committee determine passing scores. Here is the basic information for 2016:

  1. The maximum result was recorded onspecialty "Jurisprudence" (specialization - legal support of business). It was 307 points on a budgetary form with a competition of 6.80 people per seat and 224 points on a paid branch with a competition of 1.7 people per seat.
  2. The smallest passing scores (110 points) were on "Agronomy" and "Fruit and Vegetable" at the contest of 1.13 people per seat.
  3. There were vacant seats on the "World Economy" on the paid branch.

Maximum and minimum passing scores on the correspondence form

The highest pass rate on the budget wasaccounting department in the direction of "Finance and credit", which provides for a shorter period of education. The result was 235 points. A little less than the passing grade was on the "Business" with a shorter period of education. It was 228 points. The result at the paid branch was the maximum on the direction "Economy and organization of production in the agro-industrial complex", which is owned by the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy. The passing score was 196 points.

The lowest pass rate was:

  • On the budget for "Agronomy" - 116 points.
  • On paid form on the "Ecology of Agriculture" - 82 points.

Belarusian State Agricultural Academy Minsk

Applicants who choose a university are sure topay attention to such an educational institution as the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy. Minsk is not the city in which it is located. There is an educational organization in Gorki. Over the years of its existence, the Academy has produced more than 80,000 qualified specialists and continues to do so now. Many graduates find jobs in their specialty, build a career and reach significant heights in professional growth.

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