Perpetuum mobile and free energy

Type in the Internet in the search box Googlethe phrase "perpetual motion machine by one's own hands", then the search engine will helpfully display a very impressive number (over 75,000) of various results, including pictures, detailed instructions and video clips with the work of existing models. And although attempts to repeat the "success" of many authors at home always end in complete failure, this once again confirms the stubbornness inherent in human nature, which in no way allows a man to accept the action of the immutable laws of nature and makes him look for inexhaustible sources of unlimited energy.

perpetuum mobile
In history, the perpetuum mobile is first mentioned inpoem of an Indian astronomer, mathematician and poet Bhaskara, which dates from about 1150. So India can rightly be considered the ancestral home of the first models of perpetuum mobile. This poem describes a perpetual motion machine in the form of a wheel with obliquely fastened on the rim of narrow, long vessels that are half filled with mercury. The difference in the moments of gravity, which created the fluid moving in the vessels, had to make the wheel rotate constantly. But it was not possible to circumvent the laws of nature.

From that moment, the person's imagination constantly led to new ideas. However, instead of simple mechanics, modern inventors now offer

magnetic perpetual motion machine
use electricity, magnet or forcegravity. For example, a magnetic perpetual motion machine involves placing around the circle of small magnets and exposing them to the magnetic field of a separately located magnet. According to the plan, repulsion of the same name and attraction of opposite poles of magnets should make the wheel spin without any interference from outside. But in reality this does not happen, otherwise long ago everyone in the apartment would have a similar unit.

perpetuum mobile
It turns out that, no matter how much a man desires, eternalthe engine of any, even the most complex design, contains flaws and does not work. And all because the principle of his work violates the first or second law of thermodynamics.

In 1775, more than two centuries ago, in the WesternEurope against the belief in the existence of the perpetual motion was made by the most authoritative scientific tribunal of that time - the Paris Academy of Sciences. Already at that time many well-known scientists have led many undeniable proofs of the impossibility of perpetual motion. Around the middle of the twentieth century, this fact was recognized by the Patent Office of the United States, exhausted by endless applications.

Nevertheless, there are still people whosay that they invented another model of perpetual motion machine. As a rule, these are scammers who try to make money out of credulity and ignorance of the laws of thermodynamics. However, it is possible that among these people there will be a new genius who will still come up with a compact eco-engine capable of extracting energy from the world around us in such volumes and with such a long period of work that it can be called "eternal".

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