Planting coniferous trees for a long time

Without a doubt, we can say that landingConiferous trees are considered a difficult matter. If, for example, it is wrong to locate the roots or not to add water, then the plant is unlikely to survive. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to at least the main points. The optimal time when conifers can take a good start is the middle of March. Trees are already moving away from winter hibernation, entering an active phase of life. Many experts do not advise planting in the fall, as the acclimatization of young trees may not end up to the end. Thus, in fifty percent of cases, death from the vagaries of nature awaits them.

Planting of coniferous trees
In today's world, the planting of coniferous trees has becomevery popular, which, first of all, is due to their organic nature in landscape design. First, you must select the seedling correctly, making sure that there are no damages to the branches and root system. Only healthy plants with a natural smell and natural color are acquired. Under the seedling, a pit is dug, the size of which should be about twice as large as the size of the root. Cover it with a better soil, with the addition of sand and special fertilizers containing useful substances. At the last stage, the soil around the seedling is rammed and poured with a bucket of warm water.

Treatment of conifers
When coniferous trees are planted,It is necessary to make sure that the root of the root is on the surface. If it is hidden too deep, then the young tree will not be able to take root well. The plant will let you know about its successful development by the first young branches. It is necessary to continue to look after the young needles, performing watering and studying the appearance, so that further treatment of coniferous trees is not required. After all, many parasites have their own plans for plants planted only recently.

Resin of coniferous trees
For example, spruce very often suffer great harmfrom green spruce aphids. These pests have toxic saliva, which makes needles yellow. Over time, the needles do fall off. With the help of spraying means from sucking pests, you can still cure a sick spruce. There are other species of aphids that cause severe harm. However, the most dangerous pest can be considered a bark beetle. In the case of a mass attack, it is hardly possible to save the seedlings. And then we can assume that the planting of coniferous trees passed in vain. In this regard, the fight against bark beetle must be carried out on time. During the summer, spraying with special preparations is carried out up to six times.

By the way, all evergreen plants have onea feature that is to heal your wounds. This is promoted by the resin of coniferous trees, containing essential oil, formic and succinic acids, turpentine, and also some other resins. It helps cure many diseases, improve the functioning of most organs, normalize the work of the nervous system, slow inflammation, bring a set of basic enzymes into operation and block a large number of poisons.

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