Pinus mugo - mountain pine: planting and care

Pine (pine) in nature is found in Siberia,Europe, Mongolia, China and the Urals. The tree reaches a height of 40 m, its cone-shaped and high-raised trunk ends with a rounded crown, in which the branches are arranged horizontally. In its upper part the bark is reddish-yellow, and in the lower part - red-brown color and thick. The tree has a somewhat curved, bluish-green pine needles.

mountain pine planting and care

If you are going to use pine inlandscape of your site, then you need to choose the right grade. Representatives of the subtropics disappear at once, although they constitute the greater part of the genus. Next, we cut out the botanical species, since these are too large trees and for small gardens they absolutely do not fit. For a home landscape, it is better to prefer small and medium-sized species. Suitable for several European varieties: black, ordinary and white. You can buy a pine Weymutova - this is an American resident. Unfortunately, our conifers (Siberian, cedar and Korean) have no decorative analogues. But there is a wonderful representative who came to us from the mountains of Central Europe and perfectly sucked up in our country. This refers to mountain pine, planting and care for which are quite simple.

For planting trees the best time is the endApril and early May or late August and mid-September. If you were late in the autumn period and planted a seedling a little out of time, then its roots may not have time to settle down. In this case, the entire plant should be covered with spunbond or lapnika so that it does not burn the sun in the spring. Shelter needs to be taken off somewhere in the middle of April, when the earth is already falling. Well-established seedlings do not need to be covered.

Any species of these trees develop better onlight soils and sunny places, including mountain pine. Planting and caring for plants should be timely. When planting it is necessary to use drainage (20 cm) of broken brick or expanded clay and a layer of sand. Well, if you add a compound fertilizer (100 g) or nitrophos (50 g) to the planting pit. It is mixed with the ground, well watered, after which you can plant a tree.

In this case, know that the root neck can not beit must be at ground level. And if you plant large size, then it should be 10 cm above the soil, as the latter will eventually settle.

pine mountain pug
It is best to take root 3-5-year-old trees, and the most stable among them - mountain pine. Planting and caring is a separate issue, but you still need to be able to choose seedlings.

The first thing you should pay attention to isroot system. In no case should the roots be denuded, otherwise you will buy a known dead tree. The fact is that the bare roots of any of the coniferous representatives will die in 15 minutes. And the pine will not be able to restore them, since the evergreen crown needs constant nourishment and moisture, and there is no time to grow new roots near the tree. Deciduous representatives will simply drop leaves and grow roots. And conifers can not do this so simply, they do not change their needles more than once every 3-4 years.

In addition, one should not get carried away by largeseedlings. The fact is that the pine root system is superficial, and a large tree can simply fall under the influence of the wind. You can increase the reliability of planting if you add ground from under any coniferous plants to the pit. And do not forget that pine prefers good watering.

pine pinus

There are several varieties of the most unpretentiousrepresentatives of coniferous species: pine mountain Pug, Fructata, Winter gold, Benjamin. Each species has a different growth rate, as well as different proportions and sizes. But all these coniferous representatives are united by absolute frost resistance and endurance. They are able to tolerate any extreme climate conditions in the Russian middle belt.

And one moment: When planting several trees, you must always observe the distance between the plants. If it is a large specimen, then it should be 4 m, and for short stumpers it will be 1.5 meters. This condition must also be met when mountain pine is planted. Planting and care, carried out correctly, will allow to grow an excellent tree, which will be admired by everyone around.

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