How to grow a chestnut in a garden

Who at least once saw how the chestnut blossoms,probably will be fascinated by this spectacle and will want to plant a tree in his garden. Chestnut is not only beautiful, but also useful. Its flowers and fruits have medicinal properties. If you love the chestnut, how to grow it, we'll tell you.

What is chestnut?

Chestnut is a tree of a bamboo family with a lushcrown and height up to 30 m. Has fruits in the form of nuts, blooms abundantly with white flowers. In total there are about 25 kinds of chestnut. The most common of them are:

  • horse common;

  • sowing decorative;

  • meat-red.

how to grow a chestnut

If you are thinking about how to growchestnut, this article will be useful for you. Before planting this beautiful tree, decide on where it will grow, because the chestnut grows and takes up a lot of space. He loves the sun or penumbra.

Then prepare the soil, it must be moistened and loamy with the addition of lime. Do not forget about the drainage, adding sand and crushed stone to the pit.


There are two ways to grow: a seedling and a nut. We will tell you how to grow a chestnut, describing both methods.

We grow a seedling

This method is the simplest, but the chestnut saplings cost a lot of money. But for the sake of such a beautiful and useful tree, it is not a shame to spend.

Dig a hole about 50 cm wide andthe same in length and depth. Gently lower the root into the pit, but do not go deep, because the soil has a tendency to settle. Sprinkle with the soil, burying the root neck, and pound a little. Pour abundantly with warm water. You can make supports to the trunk so that a plant that has not yet grown stronger does not fall in a strong wind.

How to Grow a Chestnut from a Nut

People who use this method often sufferfailure, because they really do not know how to grow a chestnut from its own fruits. This process is difficult and takes a lot of effort and patience. Nuts should be germinated. There are several ways to germinate chestnut seeds:

  1. Place the chestnut fruit in a flat container, fill with water and place in the refrigerator. After 2-5 months, sprouts should appear.

  2. Another way to hold fruit - you can leave themon the street for the whole winter. Just put the nuts in the ground, making a small groove. Cover with dry foliage or sawdust. In spring, the nuts will sprout, and you will only need to transplant the plant.

  3. Another way is to fold the nuts into a pot and lower them into the cellar for the winter. In the spring pull out and land in the ground to a depth of 10 cm.

how to grow a chestnut

Of course, one can not expect a 100% resultIt's worth it, not all the nuts are sprouting and becoming magnificent trees. This is due to the fact that you can choose the wrong fruits. Before growing a chestnut, you need to select large, without rotting nuts. It is better to trust in nature, and if there is such an opportunity, pick up the fallen fruits under the chestnut tree. This should be done in the spring, when the nut bursts and a sprout emerges from it.

Caring for chestnut

Now that you know, how to grow a chestnut, we will tell you about leavingfor him. In fact, the chestnut is unpretentious. It is enough to water the tree abundantly and every 2-3 years to feed fertilizers. Decorative chestnut for the first couple of years is advised to keep at home.

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