Yemeni chameleon: care for a reptile at home

Recently, as petspeople have different exotic animals, among them a significant part are reptiles. Chameleons especially attract lover lovers, so in pet stores they are bought most often. It should be noted that this is by no means a tame creature, so do not expect attachment from him and a desire to play with the owner. The reptile quietly sits in the terrarium, decorating itself with the room.

Yemeni chameleon
The Yemeni chameleon enjoys the greatestpopularity, because he is relatively unpretentious in the care, endurance, prolific and cute. As already understood from the title, its homeland is Yemen and the southern part of Saudi Arabia. To buy is best a reptilian born in captivity, because the animal caught in the wild can be infected with parasites, besides it is very timid.

Buy reptile recommended by specialistsor in pet stores, it is first worth seeing in what conditions it was grown. Before buying, be sure to carefully inspect the lizard, so that sellers do not slip a sick creature. Very often Yemeni chameleon is chosen due to its nice coloring. It should be bright and saturated, because this is the main criterion of good health. Sometimes reptile lovers choose a chameleon panther, because he has beautiful skin, but Yemeni lizard wins in that it is not so aggressive.

Limbs in a chameleon should be even ifthey are twisted, it means that the animal suffers from a lack of calcium. A healthy being keeps his eyes open in the daytime, if it closes them, then, tired or sick. It is necessary to examine the mouth, if there are signs of rotting, then it is better not to take the chameleon.

chameleon Yemeni
The Yemeni chameleon is very fond of climbingtrees, so he needs a high terrarium. Small individuals up to 3 months feel great in the house at 35 liters, fresh air can flow from above through the mesh ceiling (or it is necessary to make holes in the glass). In six months the animal becomes an adult, therefore the volume of the terrarium needs to be increased, the optimal size is 90x90x120 cm.

It is necessary to put branches on whichThe reptile could climb, their thickness should be such that the chameleon could capture them with the paw. As the pet grows, the branches need to be changed to thicker ones. An adult Yemeni chameleon loves

chameleon panther
eat green, so you can plant him a plant, ficus and lotus fits. Before planting, the plants need to be washed, because some sellers treat them with pesticides.

Chameleon of Yemen loves warmth and humidity,the heater should be placed in such a way that in one part of the terrarium there is about 34 ° C, and in the other part about 26 ° C. A drinking bowl should feed water by a drip, falling droplets can drain over the leaves of plants. Feed chameleons with crickets, cabbage leaves, larvae of flour flour mushrooms and wax fire. To fill the deficiency of calcium, before consuming crickets, sprinkle with powdered calcium. Observance of all these conditions will preserve the health of the pet.

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