List of birds of prey. Description and features of life

One of the most amazing creatures inhabitingour planet, are birds of prey. They play a special role in nature, many perform the work of nurses in forests and fields, others help in the fight against insects and various parasites. Birds of prey are an interesting phenomenon in nature, which is still being studied by ornithologists.

Types of birds of prey

The list of birds of prey includes such species asday and night. The daylight includes hawks, falconry and other detachments. Night birds are mainly owls and owls. They can be of a very different size, have both a huge swing (an American condor) and the tiniest wings that a dwarf falcon possesses, for example. Hawks, vultures, kites, condors, owls, owls - they are all included in the list of birds of prey.

a list of birds of prey
These species of birds live throughout thethe world, they are not only in the Antarctic, but also on some oceanic islands. The eagle and the golden eagle are also birds of prey. The list continues with various species of falcons. A magnificent flight and a spinning of these magnificent birds over the land is impossible not to admire. In addition to them is included in the list of birds of prey buzzard, or, as it is also called, sarych.

Features of existence

These amazing creatures have a prettylong life. Many of them live more than fifty years, in the history of ornithology were known cases where eagles, hawks and other species were kept in captivity from 45 to 69 years. In nature, the life of birds is much shorter, on average it ranges from fifteen to twenty-five years. Birds of prey multiply only once a year, in very rare cases, two. Before laying eggs, the couple build a nest for the future chicks, they can also settle in a foreign and ready-made place. Basically, such birds choose for nests tall trees, rocks, but sometimes nest on the ground. The female usually hatchs eggs, this occurs within two months, each species in different ways. Sometimes the male replaces it in this work, but not for a long time. Nestlings are born strong and strong, most of them are already sighted.

birds of prey list
Nestlings of small birds of prey mature very quicklyand fly out of the nest, but for those like vultures, it takes several months for them to grow up and fly. These species of predators feed mainly on animals, including various mammals, insects and small birds. Also often carnivores eat carrion, and very little - vegetation.

Birds of prey of Russia

In the country there are many speciesvarious predatory birds. Basically, these are eagles and eagles, hawks, kites, and a list of birds of prey of Russia is replenished with various specimens of owls, owls, golden eagles.

birds of prey of Russia
Each strip is characterized by its own species. In the forests and in the fields - this is one specimen, and in the mountainous terrain - already others. Every bird species adapts to a certain habitat and climatic conditions. Osprey, osoedy, moons, buzzards are also all birds of prey of Russia. The photo of such mighty and powerful birds shows all the splendor of nature that created them.

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