Sheepskin coat for men and women

For a lot of time thisThe wardrobe, like a waistcoat, was considered a true menswear. Later, it began to be seen not only as clothing that protects from wind and cold, but also as a stylish element of the image. Designers showed their imagination and began to use this product in various versions during their shows.

Now the vest is an excellent addition to the imagenot only for men, but also for women. Designers, creating collections for the fair sex, often use different types of products in their work. Women's vest attracts not only with its practicality, but also the ability to warm in the cold season, without spoiling the appearance of beauties.

Advantages of buying a vest

The product intended for work has excellent protective properties. Given that it protects well from the cold, it does not fetter movements.

One of the main indicators of why thisthe type of product is in great demand, is the ability to quickly remove or put on the product. This is an excellent characteristic for conditions in which there are fluctuations in temperature or when there is a constant need to change the place of activity (that is, work indoors or out in the open air).

As a decorative element of the image, the waistcoat will complement the overall picture. The product perfectly emphasizes the figure. And in combination with properly selected clothes will help look more stylish.

Waistcoats. What are they?

Increasingly, the vest is bought more to complement the image than to perform protective functions.

To date, there is a great variety of this element of the wardrobe. All vests differ in different aspects. For example, according to the criterion for whom it is intended, they are divided into:

  • male;
  • female;
  • children's.

Depending on the purposes for which the purchase is made, there are vests that refer to overalls, and those that are purchased in order to successfully supplement the image.

vest of sheep's wool

Group vests can also be based on the material from which they are sewn. The most common options are:

  • vest of sheep's wool;
  • product on sintepone;
  • product of fur.

Each of these materials has its advantages.

Sheep's wool. Advantages of this type of fabric

For those who not only want to diversify the collection of their clothes, but also buy a model that will be of use to health, a vest of sheep's wool will suit.

From time immemorial, for many people, sheep wool was one of the most sought-after materials.

Its main useful property is considered to behygroscopicity. It is the ability to absorb, store and give away moisture. At the same time, heat retention does not suffer. This quality contributes to the production of so-called breathable fabric.

Things made of sheepskin are rich in nitrogen, whichis released in small portions. In this quantity, this element has a beneficial effect on health, since it is able to help a person in need of nitrogen.

Wool has a water repellent ability.

This is the only material that does not have the ability to store static electricity. Having the ability to self-cleaning, it is an excellent barrier against the influence of electromagnetic fields.

The ability of this material to help in the treatment of diseases has long been known. Due to its warming effect, wool clothes have medicinal properties.

Waistcoat vest male

There are a large number of models forrepresentatives of the male sex. Correctly selected vest from sheep's wool will give the appearance of a man even more masculinity and will perfectly warm. It looks stylish and does not make the external picture worse.

The most common versions of vests for men:

  • products on buttons;
  • waistcoats made of sheep's wool with a zipper lock;
  • models with large pockets of various geometric shapes;
  • long waistcoat model;
  • a product with a small collar;
  • sports models.

Depending on the type of appearance of the man should also choose the color of the product.

What does a sheep wool look like? The photo shows one of the options.

vest of sheep's wool

This model perfectly shows the advantages of a men's vest.

Women's woolen vest

It is worth noting that the waistcoat is an excellent variant of clothes for women. There are many variations on how it is better to wear and with what to combine.

The following compositions are considered to be the most successful:

  1. Vest of fur and coats. At the same time, a stylish designer dress and shoes with high heels will perfectly complete the integrity of the picture.
  2. Wedding dress and vest. This is an excellent alternative to a fur coat during the winter. He not only helps the bride not to freeze, but will not restrain movement. In this case, this is a fresh version, it will look quite original, unlike the bolero.
  3. Blown, with fur trim.
  4. Light models from thin fabrics in a combination to elegant clothes (trousers or dresses).
  5. In an inexpressive strip (this option can replace the jacket).
  6. Fur products. In this case, if this is an elongated version, then an excellent addition to it will be a strap that can emphasize the beauty of the figure.

In the photo, a knitted vest is made of fine wool. He perfectly demonstrates the advantages of this choice.

women's wool vest

Where is it better to make a purchase?

The most optimal purchase option isPurchase of a product from a supplier who cooperates with a well-known manufacturer. An excellent option is to buy in a specialized store, there is a large selection of goods and the availability of a quality certificate.

Buying a product on the market or acquiring a modelunknown manufacturer, you should beware of forgery. Ideal - before buying, ask for advice to a specialist. People who understand the varieties of sheep's wool will easily tell from what breed of sheep she was sheared. For those who do not have this opportunity, you should know that the highest quality wool is collected from the merino sheep.

Which fur is better to use to make a sheep wool jacket? Fur Fleece 6 is one of the best options.

vest of sheep wool photo

Price of the product

A vest of sheep's wool, if for hismanufacturers used high-quality materials, can not cost very cheap. Otherwise, it is possible to purchase a product of poor quality. Depending on the model, its price varies from 4000 to 5000 rubles. Models of well-known manufacturers are slightly more expensive, but they have a quality guarantee.

photo knitted vest lightweight of fine wool

To make a purchase you need to think carefully, choosing carefully from the available options. Well, if you can touch the product, try it on.

A waistcoat is a universal type of clothing. Changing the model of the product, it can be worn under various circumstances.

vest of sheep wool fur fleece 6

Well, if you can buy several models: a vest in sports style (for jogging, walking with children) and more classic, which you can wear to work.

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