How to pierce ears at home? Tips and Tricks

It's no secret that there were decorations in the ears, there are alsowill be popular all over the world. Today it is very difficult to meet a girl without earrings, and recently pierced ears do not look strange to the guys. Many young mothers lead to the salon of their daughters, hardly the year turns (the age when you can pierce the ears of a child), and avid fashionistas buy new earrings for almost every outfit. Of course, today you can pierce your ears not only in the polyclinic, but also in special salons, hairdressing salons or ordinary beauty salons. It often happens that one does not get to go to one of the above establishments because of a lack of time or money, and you really want to pierce your ears. How to be? The answer is simple: you can pierce your ears yourself!

how to pierce ears at home
How to pierce ears at home?

Too much strength, energy and adaptations to youwill not need. The most important thing is a great desire and a clear adherence to the stages of piercing the ear lobes. However, we must not forget about the risk, because you can pierce crooked, infect and so on. If you still decide to act, we recommend that you follow the recommendations below.

So, before piercing your ears in your homeconditions, make sure that you have everything you need, namely: a sewing needle (with a sufficiently large diameter), a gold earring, alcohol or other disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide and a piece of cotton wool.

When everything is ready, the fun begins. Certainly pierce your ears at home, you will be a little scared. The most unpleasant thing is, of course, an injection. In fact, the injection does not bring much pain, but if you are too sensitive, you can resort to improvised means of anesthesia.

you can pierce your ears in summer
In order to anesthetize ear piercing, yousomething very cold is needed from the freezer. It can be an apple or a potato that was held in the freezer for several hours, or ordinary ice. It is necessary to apply cold on both sides of the lobe and hold it until you cease to feel it. In fact, you freeze your ear. When it's numb, you can pierce your ears! In summer, "anesthesia" is faster.

To start, the earring must be put in alcohol orAnother disinfectant, which was at hand. In the same alcohol you need to disinfect the needle. On the ear a pen is indicated, after which it is necessary to inject a needle into it. It is very important to ensure that the needle goes straight, otherwise there may be problems with putting on the earrings. If everything went smoothly, immediately after the puncture, an earring is inserted. The lobe (already decorated) is once again rubbed with alcohol and peroxide. That's all!

When you can pierce the ears of a child
Prepare for the fact that the earliest days of the ear canfester, but this is not a reason for panic. And how to pierce ears at home so as to minimize the consequences? If such a problem occurs, the lobe is wiped with alcohol daily two times. It is also necessary to turn the earring from time to time so that it does not grow. If it suddenly happens that the ear is swollen, inflamed, and this condition lasts five or more days - consult a doctor.

In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems. If everything is done correctly and clearly, the result will not be worse than in the salon in which professionals work. Now the question of how to pierce ears at home, left behind, you just need to gather strength and do it! Good luck!

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