Tips on how to remove stains from red wine

Very often after a variety of banquets,parties and other festive events on our clothes is printed "not the most pleasant" memory in the form of red spots from wine. In this regard, many will be interested to learn about how to remove them as quickly and without much trouble.

How to remove stains from red wine

How to remove stains from red wine?

First of all, it is necessary to look atlabel the product to find out which washing option can correct the situation. If the material is not allowed to be washed at all, then it is necessary to treat the stain with a paper towel and immediately give it to the dry cleaning. In the event that there are no contraindications to washing, you can try to get rid of the wine trails yourself.

The simplest answer to the question of how to deducestains from red wine, is "boiling water". However, this method is relevant only in the case when the spot is completely fresh. In hot water, a wine stain is soaked, and then erased (this can be done manually).

Stains from red wine bring out

Another way to solve the problem is how to deducestains from red wine, is as follows. The wine trail on the clothes must be soaked with a paper towel. Mix one teaspoon of detergent or stain remover with 200 g of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting composition should be impregnated with a clean sponge, which must be carefully processed problematic place on both sides. At the final stage, you should wash your clothes. You can do this either manually in cold water or in a washing machine.

If you have correctly implemented all the recommendations, then the question of how to remove stains from red wine, received an exhaustive answer - and the problem is solved.

As a mixture for the removal of wine stains, it is also possible to use a combination of citric acid and salt. The first ingredient should be previously dissolved in water.

According to some experts, the stains from redthe wine can be removed with a solution of soda (in the ratio of 1 tsp to 1 glass of water) or ammonia. The above substances need to treat the painted surface of the fabric, and then wash it.

To get rid of old wine tracesexperienced housewives very often use gasoline soap. However, if after applying this remedy, you can not remove the stain from the red wine, and on the clothes there are traces of a purple hue, then the white product can be boiled in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Remove stain from red wine
As for the removal of wine stains from silkfabrics of light tones, it should be noted: during the first hours after the wine spilled on the fabric, clothes can be saved with a 10% solution of acetic acid. The processing of the material with sulfur dioxide will help to fix the result.

To eliminate stains on colored fabricsexperts recommend using in equal proportions a mixture of raw egg powder and glycerin. After processing the material with such a composition, it is necessary to wash the cloth first in warm and then in cold water.

Guided by the above tips, you can save your clothes from wine traces.

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