How to remove the paint from jeans?

how to remove the paint from jeans
Everyone was faced with stains on clothes. Especially they grieve women, who have to take them out. And if this spot is still classified as hard-to-remove, then this is a catastrophe. To such terrible spots are the spots from the paint. They can appear under any circumstances: during the painting of something or in such an anecdotal situation when you sat on a painted bench. Well, as for children, then such troubles can not be avoided at all. So how do you get rid of such "colorful" spots, how to remove the paint from your jeans? And is it even possible?

Maybe! But in this matter, speed is important. Do not immediately throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket. The longer the stain on the clothing stays, the harder it will be to get rid of it. If more than three hours have passed since the appearance of the spot, then it will be possible to cope with it at all with the help of ordinary household soap or detergent. The complexity of excretion can also depend on the type of paint that was lucky enough to get on your clothes. For example, stains from watercolors or gouache can be easily dispelled, because they dissolve in water. In this case, you do not have to think long how to remove the paint from your jeans. To do this, simply wash the stain by placing it under a stream of cold water, or simply soak clothes in cold water, adding detergent there, and after washing it with a detergent.

how to clean jeans from paint
Oil paint is much harder to get out. But you can prevent this. For example, if you work with tempera (paint used to paint clay crafts), then during its preparation, add to the mixture, in addition to all other ingredients, a little more liquid soap. This will make the process of removing the stain simpler, it will be enough soap and a jet of cold water.

If all the same pollution could not be avoided, thenHow to remove the paint from the jeans in this case? To remove it will have to sweat. Use turpentine, kerosene or acetone. It is necessary to put any of these funds on a cotton swab and remove the stain in a circular motion.

The question "how to remove the paint from jeans" has and stillone answer. Oil paint can be removed and with the help of refined gasoline (it is sold practically in any hardware store). The principle of use is the same: moisten the cotton disc and process the stain. Do not try to use ordinary gasoline, it can only aggravate the situation and contribute to the emergence of new spots.

how to wash off the paint from jeans
If the stain still withered, then in such aHow to clean jeans from paint? It must first a knife or a blade, trying not to damage the fabric, remove the formed crust. Eliminate the stain on the same principle as described above. But in this case, you need to start to make the paint begin to dissolve, then remove its excess, and only then remove the stain. Be prepared for this procedure to be delayed. After its completion, treat the cleaned area with a strong soda solution.

After the stain removal procedure, you should always wash the clothes with running water and ventilate it in the open air in order to remove the odor from the solvent.

This is by no means all ways of how to wash off the paint from jeans. But try, suddenly one of them will really help you?

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