How to remove rust from clothes?

how to remove rust from clothes
Rust stains are just a nightmarefor the keepers of the home. Some classify the affected clothing as a dry cleaner (and this pleasure is not cheap, especially if you often resort to it). But it does not guarantee that the stain will disappear without a trace. So, how to remove rust from clothes?

Similar spots stain the laundry in orangeand penetrate deep enough into the tissue, which considerably complicates the process of their removal. And if rust is on clothes for a long time, then it begins to destroy the fibers. With a normal tissue to remove the stain so that it does not leave a trace, it is rather difficult, but possible.

How to remove rust from clothes? Quite simple. It will be enough just to mix glycerin, soap and water (1: 1: 1) and rub this mixture of contamination. After a day, wash and rinse clothes.

remove rust from white clothes
And how to remove rust from white clothes? Here the task becomes more complicated, but it still does not become impossible. In this case, we need more delicate ways to get rid of stains.

1. Here's the first way that tells you how to remove rust from clothes. Take a small pot and fill it with a hundred grams of water, adding there twenty grams of citric acid. The resulting solution is put on the fire and heat the water to about eighty degrees, while it should not boil. After that, remove the pan from the fire and dip the rust-affected piece of clothing into the water. Wait for about five minutes and take out the cloth. Repeat the procedure until the traces of rust disappear completely.

remove rust stains from clothing
2. There is another good and effective way from the series "how to remove rust from clothes" with the use of the same citric acid (lemon generally copes well with rust). In this case, you need to take a little salt and add to it a small amount of this most citric acid. Proportions should be taken such that when these two ingredients are mixed, a uniform (by weight) gruel is obtained. Formed gruel rub in circular movements in a white fabric (only do not overdo it - excessive application of force can lead to tissue damage). Leave the mixture on the stain for about fifteen minutes, then wash it in the usual manner.

3. You can also remove stains of rust from clothes in one more way. You will no longer need citric acid, but the lemon itself. It is necessary to cut a thin piece from it (preferably from the central part, so that the circumference of the cut slice is larger than the diameter). Wrap the lemon circle in a bandage or gauze, and place it on the stain. On it put the heated iron. You can not do such a lot of manipulation and just drop lemon juice on the stain, and so that all the fabric, damaged by rust, was wet. And also to the wetted cloth you need to apply a hot iron (if the cloth is delicate - then you need to use gauze). After the procedure is complete, just wash the thing.

If none of the methods help you, trystill carry the soiled clothes in dry clean. Perhaps, it will still be saved. And if it does not work out ... It will be an occasion to pamper yourself or your relatives with a new thing in the near future.

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