Is there a 925 test gold

For gold alloys GOST are installedcertain numerical values ​​are samples by which the number of precious metal parts contained in 1000 parts of gold alloy can be determined. Therefore in the Russian Federation officially 925 gold test does not exist. A variety of jewelry forums often discuss the question: "Is there a 925 gold test?" Sometimes this question can be answered: "This is white gold." And indeed, white gold is an alloy of this noble metal with another metal of white color: manganese, nickel or palladium.

Developed white gold was in 1920 andnow has become a very fashionable material for various jewelry companies that create from it their masterpieces. Therefore, such products are becoming more popular among connoisseurs of jewelry. The term "white" implies a fairly wide range of different shades from pale brown to pale yellow, you can even meet a pale pink. Sometimes in the jewelry industry, to get a completely white surface, use a coating of rhodium, which is much more expensive than gold. This coating gives the products a bright gloss, increases their hardness and wear resistance, protecting them from scratches and damages.

To obtain a white-steel shade of goldalloy is often used to add palladium to it. Even more intensely white color is added to the addition of platinum to the alloy. In the cheapest versions use the addition of nickel. However, doctors found that there is an allergy to nickel in one person out of eight, so since 2000 in European countries in white gold jewelry, nickel is prohibited. The properties of white gold alloys are different depending on the proportions and types of metals added to the alloy, however, 925 gold is not produced in Russia, since all gold jewelry, regardless of their color, according to established standards can only be 375, 583, 585, 750 and 958 samples.

925 is the most common trialsilver. Previously, before the invention of white gold, silver was often used for making jewelry with diamonds, since white color best reflects the shine of these precious stones and creates an additional effect of their illumination. Subsequently, diamonds began to be installed in products of white gold, since the alloy of gold with palladium is usually plastic and soft, so it is especially good for inserting precious stones into it. However, not 925 gold was used here, but the most common 750 test. This alloy is three-component, as it usually contains copper and silver (sometimes zinc, nickel and palladium) besides gold, it can be of different shades - from reddish to white.

In addition to it, a fairly widespreadreceived a gold alloy of 585 tests. The gold composition of 585 samples is also usually three-component, its color also has a wide range of different shades, depending on the used ligature - from red to white. Depending on its composition, it can have different hardness and different melting points, usually such alloy is very solderable. The lowest 375 sample usually has a slightly muted reddish color and acquires a gray tone with a loss of polishing.

The highest sample of gold is an alloy of 958 tests,It is also a three-component alloy with the addition of silver and copper to gold. Because of the high content of gold in it, it is very soft, so the polishing produced on jewelry made from such an alloy does not last long. It usually has a pleasant soft bright yellow color that is close to the color of pure gold and is mainly used in the manufacture of engagement rings.

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