Cream "Chanel Velvet": reviews, composition

Elite decorative cosmetics is able to makethe skin of any woman is impeccable. Tonal cream "Chanel Velvet", reviews about which are so popular among the fair sex, is indispensable in the cosmetic bag of any self-respecting lady.

Chanel products

The history of the Chanel trading house began in the distant20-ies of the XX century, when a brave woman named Gabrielle Chanel introduced cardinal changes in the world fashion. It must be said that the image of a stylish and independent woman owes her appearance to her. For all the years of the company's existence, pharmacists have conducted many experiments in the search for the ideal beauty formula. The development of the Chanel trading house uses exclusively high-quality raw materials and innovative technologies.

shanel corduroy foundation

"Chanel Velvet": a foundation for perfect skin

All cosmetics of the world brand is differenthypoallergenic and tremendous care for the delicate female skin. The elite "Chanel Velvet" foundation has become the favorite product of hundreds of women all over the world. Gentle texture allows you to hide the smallest skin imperfections, providing delicate care. The technology of creating the cream allowed to provide a velvety matte effect, which keeps on the skin for up to 24 hours.

The result of the tonal agent "ChanelVelvet "can be noticed immediately after application.The skin is smoothed, pores are narrowed, a noble contour of the face is created.That is why professional makeup artists all over the world advise the products of Chanel.

A stylish elegant bottle emphasizes the status of hisowner, making the product a real decoration for any cosmetic bag. It should be noted that all the decorative cosmetics from Chanel are sustained in one strict and elegant style, which makes it unique and recognizable.

Chanel corduroy cream

Advantages of Chanel cream

The "Chanel Velvet" tonal cream, whose reviews prove its effectiveness, has a number of advantages among other elite cosmetic brands.

First, the light texture of the medium allowsuse it on any type of skin. The composition of the cream is adjusted to individual characteristics and smooths the apparent deficiencies. So, oily skin will acquire a noble matte texture, and the dry will be well moisturized.

Secondly, the "Chanel Velvet" foundation,reviews about which are extremely positive, when applied creates a thin delicate film on your face. This allows not only to eliminate imperfections of the skin, but also to protect it from negative environmental factors.

In addition, cosmetics of elite brands, to which"Chanel Velvet", also has a unique hypoallergenic effect. This allows you to avoid redness and dryness, even for the most sensitive skin. It is not necessary to use a moisturizing base cream. Texture of tonal basis is created in such a way as to provide ideal moistening over time.

shanel corduroy reviews

Composition of foundation

The main active substance of foundationis a complex based on biopolymers. Its structure allows you to adapt the product to any type of skin, keeping its stunning appearance up to 24 hours. At the same time, there is no feeling of tightness, as with the use of waterproof tonal bases. This is due to the optimal amount of water and moisturizers in its composition.

A gamma of six tones allows any womanchoose the right and harmonious specimen. The "Chanel Velvet" tonal cream, the composition of which is really unique, will be enjoyed by any woman who is used to watching herself. Experts assure that the shade of the tool is able not only to correct the contour of the face, but also to make it visually for several years younger. This matte effect will not allow the skin to shine even in the most unfavorable weather, which is the key to a fresh and neat appearance for the whole day.

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Where can I buy?

You can buy a Chanel foundation frompractically in any department of elite decorative and caring cosmetics. Stores in which you will definitely find a "Chanel Velvet" foundation: "Riv Gosh", "Letual", "Il de Bote". In addition, there is always the opportunity to order the product via the Internet directly from the manufacturer. Delivery to the house will save time.

With the Chanel foundation, you can purchaseother copies of the makeup of this manufacturer, such as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and much more. All products of the famous trade house are of high quality and lasting effect.

Means "Chanel Velvet", reviews of whichpopular among women with a good income, is not a budget option for foundation, its value is very high. A bottle of 30 ml, regardless of the shade, will cost about 2 thousand rubles.

Cream "Chanel Velvet": Reviews

"Cosmetician" is a site where anyone canleave feedback about cosmetics or caregivers. This is where you can find a huge amount of comments on the products of Chanel. Users mark the high quality of "Chanel Velvet" foundation. Reviews at the same time contain many photographs of the result of using the tool in everyday life.

Of the shortcomings of women indicate a highthe cost of the product and the small volume of the bottle. The funds last about a month of intensive daily use. Of course, it is very difficult to name such an expense. However, the effect, which gives a foundation, makes the French manufacturer prefer, even in spite of the high price.

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Tips for using a foundation

Before using the product it is recommended to removecover and shake the bottle well, pressing the neck with your index finger. This is done to evenly mix all the components of the cream and helps to avoid its stratification inside the container.

According to information from the manufacturer, applytonal means need not sponzhikom, and fingertips, distributing from the cheeks towards the cheekbones. However, many professional make-up artists are arguing about this method of cream distribution and are strongly advised to use a special cosmetic sponge or sponge. This will avoid excessive fat content and create an even layer of tonal basis.

Chanel corduroy tonal cream

If desired, you can additionally take advantage ofmatched in tone by the proof-reader or powder "Chanel Velvet". The tonal cream, however, is able to cope with skin irregularities on its own and provide a matte effect throughout the day. This is the property so beloved by hundreds of women around the world.

At the end of the day, it is always recommended thata procedure called "make-up remover". To do this, you can use a special gel, milk, liquid. Such a remedy allows you to gently remove cosmetics from the face, providing moisture and care. If you do not wash the tonal base every evening, then the skin stops breathing, there is a risk of small pimples. As a preventive measure, it is also recommended to use a cleansing lotion or tonic.

Elite or budget cosmetics? Opinion of professionals

Certainly, the opinions of specialists in the field ofcosmetology and make-up converge in one - elite cosmetics at times better and safer than its budget counterparts. This is due to the use of high-quality materials and the application of the latest developments.

Budget producer can not alwaysprovide a certificate of guarantee and hypoallergenicity of the product. That's why the result of using tonal creams of little-known brands can cause an unexpected effect.

chantal cream corduroy composition

However, if there is no opportunity to buy expensiveproducts, you should carefully study the composition of budgetary funds. Minimal use of chemical components will avoid allergic reactions, and properly selected tone will provide the effect of natural make-up, which is a trend of 2015.

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