Diet For Hair

Every loving girl cares about cleanliness andthe external condition of their hair. However, not everyone knows that beautiful at first sight hair - not always healthy. It all depends on the mood, lifestyle, type of skin, etc. But, nevertheless, there are several universal tips that can help any person.

Almost all specialists say that beautyThe curls directly depend on a good balanced diet. Friability, dryness, fat content, color, length - all this depends on what we eat, the only exception can be if applied hair extension artificial curls. Let us try to outline all the known problems, as well as all possible ways to solve them.

The greasiness of your hair suggests that in the skinhead is broken fat metabolism. What does it mean? This means that your body lacks vitamin B. There is a lot of vitamin B in cereals, milk, nut products, eggs, greens, wheat germ. There is also a lot of vitamin B in brewer's yeast.

Dryness and fragility.
Dryness and cross-section of hair means that the body does notmissing fats. In this case, you need to include in your diet products containing these same fats: nuts, vegetable oil, avocado, olives, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, herring, tuna) and cereals. Try to add a few linen and pumpkin seeds to your table daily, and also eat fish meals 4 times a week. Drinking you the amount of water per day also directly affects the dryness of the hair. Try every day to drink 6-8 glasses of water.

Gray hair.
Of course, not only food affects the appearancegray hair. But some facts give the right to talk about this problem as a problem related to nutrition. To prevent graying, you should eat as much as possible foods that are rich in copper and tyrosine (walnuts and Brazil nuts, liver, shellfish), vitamin B and iron.

Dim color.
Unpleasant hair can be a consequencelack of zinc in the body. A large amount of zinc is found in oysters, oat flakes, eggs, milk, black bread, poultry and sunflower seeds. Amino acid tyrosine is also important for color ringlets, as it promotes the development of pigments. Tyrosine is found in bananas, almonds, dairy products, avocados, pumpkin and sesame seeds.

The problem of loss.
Hair can fall due to a lack of iron inorganism. Therefore, fish, chicken, eggs, apricots, liver, carrots, dried fruits, legumes, grains and nuts should be added to your diet. A good helper in the fight against this problem is vitamin E, which is found in eggs and butter. There are cases when the cause of hair loss can become dysfunction of the thyroid gland. In this case, eat more food that contains iodine: sea cabbage, seaweed, seafood. Such a diet will be just as useful for nails. And you do not need to use nail extension.

Singer Arina Domsky offers her own versioncare, which is based on beer. According to her, you should take "beer baths". Once a week, the singer rinses her head with a beer with water (50/50). Hops help to strengthen the curls and give them silky.

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