What is the strawberry mask for?

Strawberries are a very useful summer berry. It has numerous healing properties and is a storehouse of vitamin C. Also in the strawberry contains salicylic and folic acid, iodine, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Therefore, the strawberry is useful not only to eat, but also to apply externally, applying this beautiful berry to the skin.

Strawberry masks are very useful and effectivefor all skin types. Such masks will help mature women in the struggle for youth, and young girls will cope with acne and inflamed skin. Since strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C and various organic acids, it is a very good antiseptic and has bleaching properties that will help to cope even with the problem of pigment spots and freckles. Salicylic acid has an exfoliating effect, so the strawberry is perfect for easy peeling. Such peeling not only updates the upper layers of the skin, but also helps the formation of collagen fibers, which make the skin more elastic and elastic. The strawberry also helps to remove small inflammations of the skin.

The simplest strawberry mask for the face isstrawberry gruel. To do this, you need to mash a couple of berries and apply to the face, wash the gruel in fifteen minutes, then use a moisturizer. It is useful to use frozen strawberry juice. Such rubbing relieve inflammation, remove acne, narrow pores. Wiping your face twice a day, you can forget about age spots, freckles for a long time.

Strawberry mask for normal skin type. For cooking you need 1 tbsp. a spoon of strawberry slurry and 1 tbsp. a spoon of sour cream or fat (children's) cream. Apply this mask for no more than fifteen minutes.

Strawberry mask for combined skin type. Strawberry mix with egg yolk, 1 tbsp. spoon of yogurt and wheat flour.

Strawberry mask for oily skin. Take 1h. A spoonful of white clay, diluted with fresh strawberry juice until a creamy mass is obtained. You can also use egg whites, 1 teaspoon of wheat flour and 1 tbsp. with a spoon of a mashed strawberry. The resulting mass must be thoroughly stirred and shaken.

Strawberry mask for dry skin type. Skim the fat-free curd with the strawberry slurry, spread the mixture on his face with a thick layer.

Whitening strawberry mask. Shred strawberries mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice, hold for 10 minutes.

Exfoliating mask of strawberry. Take a little kefir, salt it and dab it with strawberries, then rub it right on the face. If you are the owner of dry skin, moisten strawberries instead of kefir in olive oil.

Mask for aging skin. For ladies with aging skin, a mask of a tablespoon of milk and honey, mixed with strawberry gruel, is suitable.

Strawberry mask for tired skin. To two st. spoons of warm milk or kefir, add a teaspoon of yeast, strawberry gruel and mix thoroughly, then evenly apply to the skin.

From strawberries you can even make even a creamown cooking. To do this, mix a teaspoon of flour with 5 ml of lanolin (pre-melted), add 2 tbsp. strawberry juice. In this case, a paste-like mass must be obtained, which can be used instead of the cream. True, this cream should be washed off.

You can prepare and lotion for rubbingcombination skin. Such a lotion will have a good whitening effect. Mix 100 ml of strawberry juice with 100 ml of cucumber juice, and add as much dry white wine. Pour the lotion into a glass container, close it well, put it on the refrigerator for 1 day.

With the help of such masks and other cosmetic products, made from natural products at home, you can always monitor the condition of your skin and take care of it.

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