Bags under the eyes: how to clean

Probably, there is no woman in the world who wouldat least once in my life did not encounter the problem of the appearance of bags under the eyes or dark circles. Many spend time in constant struggle in this unpleasant phenomenon. Nobody likes it when the eyelids swell and the face gets an aging, tired look. A huge number of women are therefore interested in the answer to the question "bags under the eyes, how to clean?". There are different ways: from folk recipes to salon procedures. It is also important to learn how to prevent the occurrence of this problem.

Before learning how to deal with thisphenomenon, like bags under the eyes, how to remove them and prevent occurrence, it is necessary to understand the reasons for their appearance. The most banal reasons are smoking, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, the use of a large amount of liquid on the eve and in general swelling. But the whole problem is that the kidneys, heart, liver, and also gynecological diseases can manifest themselves in the form of a swelling under the eyes.

It is believed that bags under the eyes arealmost always a scourge of elderly women, because they appear in consequence of the accumulation of fluid under the skin, which occurs due to tissue sagging. But the cause of this problem can be and subcutaneous fat. And it also happens that a person simply has such a physiological feature. Cosmetology and folk remedies in this case will not help, and one should only hope for the procedure of blepharoplasty.

When it became clear, because of what the bags appear undereyes, how to remove them is not so difficult to understand. First of all, understand that if you have health problems (for example, kidney, heart or liver diseases), then you need to solve them. Creams, massages or lotions according to folk recipes will not help you.

Cosmetics that relieve you of bags undereyes, is designed to improve the outflow of fluid from the problem zone of the eyes. Pay attention that it would be better in your cream were such components as parsley extract, sage, horsetail, coffee, elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Aromatherapy fans use various oils, for example, ginger, coffee or hazelnut, to get rid of circles under the eyes.

To folk secrets is the use ofbanal piece of ice after sleep. Applying ice stimulates blood circulation, improves the process of fluid outflow and tones up the skin. Every woman should strive for permanent and daily moisturizing of the skin around the eyes in various ways.

Those women who are able to receivethe answer to the question "bags under the eyes, how to clean?", can do it in the salon. At your choice, we offer electrical stimulation, lymphatic drainage and mesotherapy. Lymphatic drainage is a kind of massage, manual or hardware, which facilitates the outflow of fluid from the problem area. Electrostimulation is the effect on bags under the eyes of low-frequency current. And mesotherapy is when you inject a subcutaneous cocktail of special substances. The radical method is blepharoplasty. This is a surgical procedure.

You can do yourself a daily massagethe area around the eyes. Only you need to do this regularly. Use also special creams. You can also perform various exercises to better work the muscles of the eyes.

But the appearance of bags under the eyes can beprevent. You just need to sleep properly, more out in the open air, do not abuse drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Watch your food - eat less salty and spicy. In addition, it is always necessary to follow your facial expressions: do not frown, do not grumble, do not wrinkle your nose with laughter. Watch your face, take care of it and smile more.

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