Home bleaching masks for flawless skin.

Freckles, uneven sunburn, pigment spots -all this gives the fair sex a lot of disappointment. That is why the procedures for bleaching the skin are most in demand. But in addition to professional procedures to preserve the achieved result, a regular home care should be included in the beauty program.

Whitening effect is provided by many foodproducts. First of all, it is sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt. Matiruet and lightens the skin of strawberry juice, cucumber, lemon, grapefruit. Selecting whitening masks is necessary depending on the type of skin. In addition, be sure to use day creams with a high UV-protection index, special serums to eliminate pigment spots. The best result is given by masks using peroxide, however for sensitive skin this product is not at all suitable.

To begin with, let's look at the whiteningMasks are suitable for oily skin. Such skin is prone to increased sebum. Expanded pores, acne and comedones also give a lot of grief to its owners. For oily skin, bleach masks, narrowing pores and drying are best.

Mix a small amount of peroxide and beeryeast (you can buy them at the pharmacy). Apply a thick layer on the face and leave to dry. Remove the mask with water and wipe the face with a tonic of grapefruit. For its preparation, pass through the meat grinder half of the fruit and pour vodka diluted with water for two thirds. With oily skin prone to acne, drying and brightening effect has a mask of hydrogen peroxide and tolon flour (ground oat).

Which whitening masks are suitable for normal and combination skin?

Try the following line-up: lemon juice, whipped protein and honey. If you want not only a clarifying effect, but also a lifting effect, add aloe juice here. For normal skin, suitable masks from vegetables and berries - strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes. It is not necessary to mix the ingredients with anything else.

A beautiful mask for whitening the face is obtained from a brine sauerkraut. However, please note that the product must be exclusively natural. No vinegar, only natural fermentation.

Choose whitening masks for dry skinmost difficult. because it is often prone to irritation. Means for care in this case should be gentle and in no case do not dry the skin. It is best to deal with sour - milk products. Cottage cheese with cream or sour cream not only brightens, but also moisturizes the skin.

Folk remedies for whitening freckles - juicedandelion and celandine. Infusion is best prepared from fresh leaves and flowers and used for several days. Washing with natural birch juice not only brightens, but also tightens the skin. Unfortunately, this procedure is not available to everyone. But the green of parsley - a product that is easy to buy in any supermarket. Prepare a mask of parsley is simple. It must be crushed to the state of gruel and applied to the whole face. The mask not only whitens the skin, but also perfectly eliminates swelling and swelling around the eyes. Such whitening masks are suitable for any type of skin.

Keep in mind that the mask for whitening the facemakes the skin more susceptible to sunlight. Therefore, apply it better at night. The course of whitening procedures in the beauty salon begins in the autumn. The ideal time for this is October or early November. The effect of ultraviolet radiation at this time is not so intense, but the cold has not yet come. You can apply whitening facial masks at home all year round. In this case, the masks themselves do not solve the problem, they should be used together with other caregivers.

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