Mustard mask for rapid hair growth

Long - cut, short - urgently to grow! I always want to change something in my appearance to any woman. Perfect, look for an increasingly suitable image ... But what if you cut your long hair in just an hour, but grow them much longer? There is a mustard mask.

Why grow up?

Mustard mask is one of the best growth stimulants for hair. Prepare it at home can any woman. Do it about once every seven days.

But why mustard is effectivemeans for hair growth? The secret is simple: blood circulation from it increases, as a result of blood pours to the roots, giving them the necessary strength. Hair bulbs become active, hair begins to grow faster.

mustard mask

In addition, this mask is used from deposition,for the treatment of brittle and fragile hair, as well as for increased fatness of the head. Mustard is a powerful antiseptic, which also has an antibacterial effect.

The secret of the recipe

So, how is the mustard mask prepared forhair growth? The main ingredient will require two tablespoons. Mustard powder is sold at the grocery store, in the spice department. In it, pour two tablespoons of hot water. Stirring. Add the following ingredients to the resulting mixture:

  • yolk;
  • sugar (2 teaspoons);
  • Cosmetic oil (2 tablespoons), suitable for almond, grape, burdock or even olive.
    mustard hair mask reviews

All this is mixed - and get a mustard mask. Apply it only to the roots of the hair, as they do when painting. It is much better if the hair is dry and unwashed for a couple of days. Next, the head is wrapped in polyethylene and a towel. "Fire mixture" should be held for at least 15 minutes. However, it is best to rely on your feelings. The sensitivity of the scalp is different for all. If it is slightly hot, then you can hold it for an hour.

Is there a "but"?

Let's be honest - not all womenThe fair sex is inspired by a mustard hair mask. Reviews about its action are very diverse: someone really managed to grow gorgeous head of hair in just six months. But the other hair on the head became much smaller. After all, each of us is individual, and if one kind of cosmetics has approached someone, it is by no means a fact that another person will be delighted with him. It is best to apply the mask to a separate area of ​​the scalp. If you do not burn heavily, but it is tolerant, you can apply to all roots.

mustard mask for hair growth
Another danger with such a mask is that itcan cause dandruff. The mustard mask dries the scalp very much, and therefore, even before the peeling is near. Therefore, those who have scalp and are so dry, it is better to use such a "nuclear remedy" with caution. And one more recommendation: before applying the mask, it is best to anoint the ends of the hair with oil.

Of course, you need to be ready for that mustardThe mask is not very pleasant. But, as they say, beauty requires sacrifice. And to endure a "fire" on your head, think about the pleasant! After all, very soon your hair will become thicker, lush, and, most importantly, longer!

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