Mask for hair at night - a simple and effective way to solve problems

Fashionable haircut and stylish styling - 80% successfulimage. But such tricks sometimes can not hide from prying eyes too obvious problems with the hair. Frequent stress, an unfavorable ecological situation, improper care, improperly selected shampoo and styling products sometimes cause dandruff, cross-sections and hair loss. A simple and convenient solution to the problem will be a mask for hair at night.

Benefits of using masks during sleep

mask for hair at night
The main factor that prevents regular andcomplex hair care - it's not even laziness, but a banal lack of time. In addition, expensive cosmetics for rapid application do not always cope with problems. A mask for hair at night, made independently of natural ingredients has a number of obvious advantages:

  1. The most effective recipes for hair masks to cook is very simple.
  2. For a positive result, 1 procedure per week is sufficient.
  3. Even if the sleep remains only 5-6 hours, this will be enough for the active effect of the mask.
  4. There is no need to find time for SPA procedures during the day, as the process of restoring the health of the hair occurs during sleep.

recipes for hair masks
The longer the nutrient or moisturizing formulais located on the head, the more useful substances and trace elements enter the structure of the hair, restoring them from the tips to the roots. Among the active ingredients, masks are most often composed of various oils that form an invisible protective film on the curls. Due to this effect, the aggressive ingredients contained in shampoos can not cause much harm to the hair. If the hair mask for the night becomes a regular procedure for you, the positive effect will be noticeable after a month.

Mask based on honey

how to make a mask for hair
Night mask with honey is ideal for hair proneto fat content and lack of shine. To prepare it, warm honey (50 ml) must be mixed with whipped yolks (2 pieces). Apply the mixture to the hair, from above put on the shower cap and cover your head with a handkerchief or towel.

Mask of rye bread

Correct the damaged and weakened oneslocks help mask on the hair at night, which includes rye bread. Bread (100 g) pour hot milk, and when the mixture has cooled, add burdock oil (1 tsp). Carefully distribute the mask along the entire length of the strands, from above cover the sheet and tie a warm handkerchief.

Herbal Mask

The healing properties of herbs have been known for a long time, their strengthuse and in order to improve the health and beauty of curls. How to make a mask for hair using herbs? Rowan, dandelion leaves and peppermint should be slightly mashed and pour boiling water. The resulting broth to infuse 2-3 hours in a dark place. After that, the grass is well kneaded with a fork until the mush. The resulting composition is applied to the hair, wrapped in polyethylene, and on top put on a kerchief.

Ginger Mask for Hair

Tame naughty strands, prevent cross-sectionand the fragility of the tips will help the mask based on ginger. Mix the ground ginger (1 tbsp.) And sesame oil (30 ml), rub into the scalp and apply along the entire length of the hair. Put on the shower cap and fasten it with a handkerchief. The mask is easily washed off with shampoo, and the hair after the procedure will be much easier to comb.

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