Why you need body care

A beautiful body is the same as a beautiful face,will tell a lot about its owner. Often caring for the face, we forget about the body. But this area without due attention loses its appeal. For the face we buy a whole complex of means and even services, and for the body - maximum fitness and shower gel.

body care
Beauty salons offer a variety of differentSPA-procedures for giving our body an excellent condition. These are different types of wraps that improve microcirculation and tone the skin, and also have a rejuvenating effect. Strengthens blood circulation and normalizes the metabolism of hand massage. Thanks to special techniques, the skin of the body becomes elastic, the muscles - elastic. Massage has a relaxing effect, and also aims to fight cellulite. Mesotherapy is a modern care for the body and face, which consists in a special technique of subcutaneous and intradermal injections. With this procedure, you can remove stretch marks and scars. Stone therapy is a special massage technique with the use of stones.

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Body care should be regular andquality, and then nothing will give out your true age. Pamper your body with salon procedures and do not forget about daily care at home. The skin of the hands, neck and décolletage, as well as the heels - everything should be in the spotlight. Means for body care, buy, based on your preferences, skin needs and opportunities. For regular care, buy everything you need. Hand cream should be used after each contact with water and detergents. For the shower, you can buy a regular gel, as well as a very popular shower gel with loofah. Lyufa is a plant of the pumpkin family, which serves as an excellent material for making natural sponges that can thoroughly cleanse the skin and not injure it. The skin of the body needs food, so after water procedures, apply lotions to saturate skin cells with beneficial substances.

To combat cellulite and its preventionuse tools that enhance blood circulation and improve the function of the lymphatic system. The composition of these creams can include extract of horse chestnut, ivy, caffeine, seaweed and other ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen.

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Do not forget about the antioxidants that protectcells of the skin from the action of free radicals, in simple words, from aging. For the summer, store resources with a factor of protection from ultraviolet radiation. It's no secret that excessive sun exposure is not only premature aging, but also the possibility of cancer. Protection before sun treatment and body care after preserving the natural beauty and health. The composition of each jar of cream carefully study before you buy. Use the Internet and other sources to find information about the latest discoveries in the field of cosmetology. For example, not so long ago it turned out that Acai berries are a powerful antioxidant that can be used in cosmetic products to maintain youth.

Caring for the body is caring for the vessel of your soul. The skin of the body is a dress that we can never replace with another.

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