How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Over the years, the skin of a person undergoes seriouschanges and acquires a bunch of shortcomings. The face that is wrinkled also loses its elasticity and color. And the age problem is the bags under the eyes. Of course, they appear in young people, however, much less often. At first sight innocuous bags spoil the appearance, and the face looks tired and painful.

What are they? Bags under the eyes - this is a fluid accumulation, this is what leads to tissue sagging. Since young people have a more elastic skin, it is less subject to bags under the eyes. But the more mature people, mostly women, and there is the appearance under the eyes of bags of liquid.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes? Such a question is constantly asked by the owners of this ugly skin defect. Before proceeding to treatment activities, the cause should be identified.

Causes of bags eyes can be very different. They can appear with the wrong mode of the day, lack of sleep, stress, fatigue. If a person smokes and consumes a large amount of alcohol, bags under his eyes may also appear. In some cases, bags under the eyes indicate the presence of any heart disease, kidney or liver. The number of causes includes subcutaneous fat, which is very much among fat people. When excess fat becomes excessively excessive, the muscles are no longer able to hold it, so it protrudes in the form of bags under the eyes.

Many people with such a shortage are already born. This anatomical feature of a person can not be corrected in the usual ways, since getting rid of bags under eyes can only be through surgical intervention.

The most effective means against bagsis massage. To date, there are several of its types. Lymphatic drainage is a massage with the use of special equipment. It helps to improve the movement of blood and lymph, and also to eliminate puffiness under the eyes. Another type of massage - dermatonia - is a vacuum procedure, during which the surface of the skin is exposed to different pressures. This contributes to the massage of cells that are located deep beneath the skin. In the home, such a massage can not be carried out, becauseget rid of bags under the eyes with this and the previous procedure can only be in the beauty salon. In order to get the result, you need to spend 10-15, and in some cases, more procedures.

Now I will talk about how to remove bags undereyes at home. For a start, you can try to do a massage. It will help to remove puffiness only if you do it every day. Home massage is done this way: first, around the eyes, apply a special cream against bags under the eyes, and then gently rub it with the pads of your fingers. This is done with the help of light tapping, while the upper eyelid should begin to massage from the inner corner of the eyes, and the lower eyelid - from the outer eyelid. By the way, massage can be done with the help of special massage glasses.

Of folk remedies, not bad with bags under the eyestea compresses are struggling. For this, it is necessary to make strong tea. Then it should moisten the tampons and put them on for 10 minutes on each eye. Effective against puffiness under the eyes and ice cubes. It is best to make them from the herbs: chamomile, calendula, sage.

It should be noted that one should not wait for a rapidresult, since getting rid of bags under the eyes for a couple of hours is unlikely to work. And to prevent their appearance, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, stop being nervous and eat only healthy food. As prevention, you can do a massage around the eyes, this will also help prevent the appearance of swelling.

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