There were dark circles under eyes how to get rid I do not know!

There were dark circles under eyes how to get rid I do not know!

Sometimes, looking in the mirror, we see in reflectiondark circles under the eyes. They, of course, spoil the whole appearance, make it more tired and exhausted. And what if there is an important meeting or a long-awaited party ahead of you in such circumstances, on which you should be "on top"? That's why the circles under the eyes of how to get rid of which you will find out below, become a serious problem.

Why do dark circles appear under the eyes?

In order to understand why under the eyes of the darkFirst of all, look at your parents. In most cases, this is a feature of the body transmitted at the genetic level. In this regard, circles can appear when:
- overwork,
- allergic reactions,
- pregnancy,
- menstruation.

In some cases, the appearance of dark circles is associated with the expansion of blood vessels. Since the skin in this place is very thin, the vessels become very noticeable.

But the most common answer to the question "Why are dark circles under the eyes?" Is an excessive amount of melanin pigment, which is responsible for skin color.

Seeing once again circles under the eyes likeget rid of which and do not represent, evaluate the style and rhythm of your life: how often you relax, sleep, walk in the fresh air and so on. Among such reasons, the most common are the following:
- smoking, alcohol abuse, which strongly affect not only your appearance, but also your health,
- lack of sleep, because of which the body does not have time to rest well enough and restore strength,
- frequent stresses affecting the skin and preventing the removal of harmful substances from the body.

In the latter cases, you will not be able to quickly remove circles under the eyes, but you eliminate the constant factor, which has a harmful effect on the body.

How to prevent the appearance of dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes are not a cause for concern, since in most cases this is a characteristic feature of the body. However, to prevent their occurrence, use the following recommendations:
- Follow a healthy lifestyle, which will be a place for a good sleep, outdoor exercise and sports loads,
- give up tobacco and alcohol, because the first interferes with the enrichment of the body with enough oxygen, and the second simply should be in moderation,
- If the circles under the eyes prevent how to get rid of them and eat healthy food you do not know, then keep in mind that nothing strengthens the vessels as fruits and freshly squeezed juices from grapefruit or orange,
- Protect the skin under the eyes with a special sunscreen.

How to hide dark circles on eyes?

And yet, did dark circles appear? This is not a reason for strong feelings. Since you can quickly remove the circles under the eyes, some of the recommendations described below will help you.

1) Use masking cream. It was designed specifically for these purposes. Masking cream should be tone lighter than tonal. It is applied on the contour of dark circles and shade, then powder the skin, or use foundation.

2) Make a cold compress. Take a piece of cloth that absorbs moisture well, and soak it with cold water, then apply to closed eyes for several minutes.

3) Means for the care of the skin around the eyes. These are creams containing glycolic acid. They brighten the skin and hide its age-related changes.

Having tried all the described means and methods youstill see the dark circles under the eyes how to get rid of them has not the slightest idea? Consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of the course of a hidden disease, or a malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Remember that an impeccable appearance is a responsible occupation, which requires considerable effort. With the help of these tips, you can look at 100% always.

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