How to insert Yandex map on the site? Instructions how to place the Yandex map on the site

Let's look at how to insert a Yandex card intosite, previously created it in the designer. The insertion process can be incredibly easy, or it can carry some complexity, depending on the scale of your project.

How to insert Yandex map on the site: the choice is obvious

If you create a business card site, a blog or an uncomplicated online store, then you will

how to insert a Yandex card on the site
basic features of the existingconstructor. In this case, insert a Yandex card into the site due to a special code will be able to the user who does not have special knowledge. If you approach the matter with all the thoroughness, the correct design of the travel plan, or the calculation of the price of delivery at the destination specified by the user can significantly improve the functionality of the site and make the visitor a new buyer.

Otherwise, if you need to go beyondthe edges of the designer, do not just place the Yandex map on the site, but create something grandiose and unrepeatable. In this case, you will need an experienced programmer who is familiar with the work of JavaScripts.

Hidden features

Yandex.Mark API allows you to overlay a layer with traffic jams on your own site,

insert yandex map on the site
but to implement such a planthe designer's capabilities are not enough. In addition to saving the maps you have created, the API designer now does not require getting a key for your own site, however some CMS extensions can ask for these keys.

You can get such a tool in a special section of the site by entering the address of your resource. However, let's return to the question of how to insert Yandex map into the site and to the designer. Everything necessary is here.

Organization of the designer

insert Yandex map
Tools with which you can applyThe labels on the card are on the top panel, while they consist of 4 buttons. The first one makes it possible to put a label in the form of a large comma, it can be colored with different colors, you can give a description, and also assign a number. The label is set by activating this button, as well as clicking on the desired area in the diagram.

The designation can always be moved, keeping the leftmouse button, or delete. Before you insert a Yandex card, take advantage of the capabilities of other tools. Further attention deserves the possibility of "Drawing lines." It is useful for showing the way to the office of your company from the metro station or stopping the transport.

Draw a polygon

The constructor includes another important tool that got the name "Drawing

polygon ". It is necessary to highlight those objects or buildings that you wish to mark on the road map with background shading, they will also be guided by the routes described above.

It is necessary to activate the tool and systematicallymark the whole object in corners, then click on the node, finally, select the "Finish" function. As a result, a form appears, and you can set the thickness for the stroke line, the transparency of the fill, the color, and enter a description.

The last button, placed on the paneltools, allows to make active markers in the lower right corner of the scheme, in order to change its size. In addition, at your service choice of the way of display of 4 options: folk, satellite, hybrid, scheme; the form of entering the exact place that needs to be created; tool for zooming.

place a map of Yandex on the site

About maps and codes

After alldescribed above, you will still have to give the scheme a name, as well as a button that offers saving and receiving code. There is a code for inserting maps into a site of two kinds. The first option is an interactive map.

Such code is inserted as a script call,this can cause difficulties for beginners, but visitors to your site will be able to choose the display option, navigate the map, change the scale. The map can be perfectly adjusted to the size of your page by changing the corresponding numbers at the end of the code.

The second option, a static map, represents thethe usual command to insert a picture into the site. When you install it, there will be no problems, but the scheme will be an ordinary picture, which can not be scaled and moved.

In Wordpress you can insert the card code directly,if you use the Html editor while writing and editing publications. On the article editing page, click on the "Screen Settings" function, which is located in the upper right corner, check the "Custom fields" box. After that, under the article there will be a similar area where you need to click on the "Enter new" and specify the short code ID (without spaces, Latin) on the left side of the form. In the right section, you need to insert the code that was received in the Yandex-card designer.

Next, open the function file called"Functions.php". Add a special code, having previously created a backup copy of the site. After the specified actions in the static page or article it will be possible to add the code received from the designer of Yandex maps.

If you need to set the driving directionsdirectly in the skeleton of the blog, the script can be inserted directly, but you need to select the WordPress theme template used to make the card available in the place you need.

Features of working with Joomla

joomla insert yandex map

To Joomla to insert Yandex card, there are several options. Decide
The task can be done with the help of the component uplug-in "Yandexmap", special "Yandex cards" for Joomla, as well as solutions for "Zh YandexMap". In order to insert Yandex maps, you can use the arbitrary code module Html, but you must first disable the traditional visual editor.

It can be turned on again after the codewill be inserted. To add a travel map to the publication, you must also insert the code when the visual editor is disabled or insert the content from the module responsible for the arbitrary code using the plugin named "Load Module". The module, which includes the Yandex card code, needs to be placed in a non-existent template position. Now you know the answer to the question of how to insert the Yandex card into the site, everything turned out to be quite simple. We hope that our tips will help you develop your website.

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