"One of the connected USB devices is not working properly" - what does this mean and how to solve the problem?

Advanced PC users have long learnedsolve problems such as "One of the connected USB devices is not working properly" by yourself. They know their computer to the smallest detail, so there are no questions about how to fix this or that mistake. But inexperienced users in this matter at times more difficult. Some people are not helped even by advice from the Internet, because knowledge and experience are too few.


But it does not matter. Any basic error of the PC can be fixed quickly. To do this, you need to carefully study the instructions and perform step-by-step advice from specialists.

one of the connected usb devices is not working properly [

Today's problem is when one of the connectedUSB devices are not working properly. Most often, you'll notice this text in the lower right corner of the desktop. Sometimes a special window appears with a notification about this problem.


The most common error occurs when you connectany device via USB. This is the usual flash drive, and phone, and printer, etc. The problem occurs both in the early version of Windows 7, and at a later date - "Ten." In this case, your USB can be version 2.0 or 2.0. In general, the essence of the issue does not change from this.


An error accompanied by a USB connection may causebe caused by a number of reasons. Them and the truth, it is a lot of. And not always they are typical. It happens that the fault lies straight and completely on the user, who miraculously removed the drivers or knocked the system out of control. There are flaws on the part of the manufacturers of these devices. Substandard Chinese flash drives are especially prone to this problem.

Trust but check

So, you saw a similar error on your screen. To avoid unnecessary nerves and wasting a lot of time, it's better to immediately check the device that you connect to the port. As mentioned earlier, not all manufacturers are so conscientious. Many create a product in order to simply sell. Hence, system errors occur.

usb phone

If you bought a new mouse, keyboard or flash drive, immediately check it's serviceability before you sin on the USB interface. There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you have a second PC or laptop, just connect a new device to it. If in another system everything is fine, then, most likely, the problem is in the computer.
  2. Take a working device (old mouse, second flash drive, etc.) and insert it into the same port. If the same notice appears, then the case is really in the socket.

There are a couple of unspoken ways. They do not always give a clear picture of what is happening, but you can try them out just in case. So, take the device that gives an error, disconnect from the PC and turn off the system together with the plug in the socket. Now you need to hold down the start button on the computer so that the remaining electric charges leave the motherboard.

Now turn on the PC and connect the USB-device, when the system is fully loaded. The option is not the best, but sometimes after it really starts to work.

And for those who finally want to be convinced of thea failure of the port, you can simply disable all the USB that is on the interface panel. It happens that port overload can produce a similar error. If you turn off unnecessary equipment at the moment, install the USB flash drive into the back panel.

Software Methods

Sometimes the problem is "One of the connected USBdevices does not work correctly "can not be corrected by some castling. Have to dig inside the system. If all the previous methods did not give you a result, try to update the "firewood".

micro usb connector

For this we are looking for "Device Manager". We do it through the command line: we pin on the keyboard Win + R and enter into the field devmgmt.msc. You can go to My Computer, right-click anywhere in the window and select Properties. Before us, a window opens with the parameters of the PC, and in the left column you will find the desired section.

So, in the "Device Manager" select the line"USB controllers", all USB equipment connected to the system is shown here. Here is the line "Other devices", it is in it and will be our unknown device. Click on its name and try "Update drivers". We are waiting for the system to download the necessary files via the Internet, and, probably, the USB flash drive will "come to life" and will work.

Exclamation point

Maybe it's that near this "Unknown"device "is a yellow exclamation mark. In this case, we try to roll back the drivers. Click on it and go to the "Properties". Here you need to find a tab with "firewood" and a button "Rollback". Perhaps, it will be inaccessible to you, highlighted in gray. Then choose "Delete".

Now you need to return to the "Device Manager" window and from the top select the "Action" section, and in it to update the hardware configuration. These steps can correct your problem.

An exclamation point may also appear on anothercause. To do this, go to the properties of equipment that have acquired names such as Generic USB Hub, USB Root Controller and Root USB Hub. In the appeared window it is necessary to choose "Power management" and on the first line to remove a tick. So you will not allow the equipment to shut down to save electricity.

usb connection

Common Mistakes and Solutions

As mentioned earlier, the error "One of theconnected USB devices is not working properly "is individual and depends on many factors. The above are the most common reasons. And now let's briefly try to describe with what problems other users encountered.

Often this error occurs when the printer is connected. Usually caused by an incorrect installation of "firewood". Therefore, you can simply delete them and carefully reinstall them.

Many problems arise due to mechanicaldamage. Suppose a cable with a micro-USB connector on one side, and with a USB-on the other, can be broken or transmitted in the middle. This also significantly affects the operability and synchronization with the PC.

Another interesting problem that is nowoccurs less and less frequently, there may be incompatibility. Some devices do not support 2.0 or later 3.0. Then it happens that by connecting via USB a phone or any other device, you will see this message again. In general, if such a problem arose, it is better to think about changing the motherboard, since the interface standard will continue to change, and the problems will become even greater.

connect usb devices

Laptop problems

In this case, we are faced with problemsUSB 3.0 connection. Due to the imperfection of this revision of the interface, users have to twist in different ways. A solution was found. The laptop had to adjust the power plan.

For this it was possible to go into the standardsettings of this parameter, or in the firm software that some manufacturers of laptops provide. In Windows, choose the power plan that is currently in use, then go to the advanced options. And according to a familiar scheme we prohibit the disabling of ports to save energy.


If suddenly you can not connect via USBphone, external hard drive, USB flash drive and other devices, you do not need to get upset immediately. First, the breakdown of one port out of ten in the system is a common thing. Trying to just use another connector is easy. Secondly, even if in the program plan you did not succeed, you can try reinstalling Windows.

Of course, reinstalling the OS is not a panacea for all the problems and the process is rather difficult, especially for those who have never encountered it. Nevertheless, even he can help you.

usb equipment

Perhaps your micro-USB connector does not work properly.the real failure of the controller. It will not be replaced on the motherboard. It's either buying a new motherboard, or, alternatively, buying an external controller with a PCI interface.

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