Samsung Laptop-tablet - a choice for a comfortable life

The one who owns the information, owns the whole world. These words belong to the founder of the Rothschild dynasty. And he's right. Today, in order to keep up with the modern pace of life, one must constantly be aware of the events that are taking place. The information has already ceased to be a luxury. Now each of us can have at hand a portal connecting it with the outside world.

laptop tablet samsung

Samsung laptop-tablet developed by the companyespecially for the current conditions of life. This device combines the productivity of a desktop computer and the convenient portability of the tablet. The embedded processor is a dual-core analog of the "ancient" laptop. Samsung laptop-tablet in thickness, as a marker, and weighing less than 1 kilogram, is really light and compact. Along with this, it is multifunctional, it incorporates a touch-based user interface. Modern yuppies, the availability of such a gadget is ideally suited to conduct their business at home, at work and on business trips.

Depending on the conditions that are convenient for youSamsung laptop-tablet can be controlled by touch touch or by keyboard. All necessary operations and applications based on this technology are available on the go. The presence of a microphone and two web cameras (2- and 3-megapixel) will enable you to record materials for sharing them on the network. Channels for communication are represented by a full-sized USB port and Wi-Fi, WiMAX or HSPA connections.

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On a 30-centimeter screen of higher brightness,than with standard notebooks, higher clarity and image quality are provided. Notebook-tablet Samsung is equipped with Windows and easily supports entertainment applications. The duration of autonomous support fully meets all expectations. Under appropriate conditions, work can last up to 8 hours - this is up to 50% longer than the average level of the laptop.

Think about how convenient it is to have with you"a casket with a secret." The models of standard notebooks are not easy to name. Other options for virtual communication are less adapted to the conditions of work in different situations. The tablet laptop easily fits in the bag, works much more mobile and will make an excellent company on the trip.

samsung laptop tablet

As often happens in the process of experimentation,Samsung managed to make an interesting hybrid. Your purchase will be completely justified. This device will help dispel doubts about the advantages of choosing one or the other device.If you buy a Samsung tablet PC, the price will include 2 devices at the same time, and will be approximately 25 thousand rubles.The device of this model allows you to carry only a tablet version, thus making the weight a half less.The advantage in the notebook version will be more powerful work.

You can, of course, buy similar productsanother company, but it can come out somewhat more expensive only because of the value of the brand itself. Therefore, with what means to keep in touch with the world, you decide, of course, only you. But how convenient are the terms of this connection, you can find out only with a tablet computer.

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