Samsung ML-1615: the ideal entry-level printer

The perfect combination of low price and improvedCharacteristics of the technical plan favorably distinguishes the Samsung ML-1615 from the majority of similar printers based on the laser method of printing. Of course, this peripheral device can not boast of high speed, but in the segment of budgetary, most economical solutions this characteristic goes to the background. Otherwise, this printing node is suitable for creating small document management systems.

samsung ml 1615

Niche. List of supplies

Printer Samsung ML-1615 boaststhe maximum allowable printing limit is 5000 pages. It is enough to create small printing systems, which include a small office or a working group. Also, such a laser printer is perfect for home use. Restrictive factors in this case are the mediocre quality of printed products and reduced speed. But, as was noted earlier, these two parameters in the budget niche of laser printers are receding into the background. The configuration of this peripheral solution is as follows:

  • Printer.

  • Disk with software.

  • Starter cartridge.

  • User guide.

  • An interface cable that allows you to receive information from the nearest computing system.

  • Warranty card.

  • Power cord for power supply.


The basic format on which to outputthe documentation of Samsung ML-1615, is A4. Also, it is possible to print on a media with arbitrary dimensions. The smallest page size in this case is 76 X 127, and the maximum sheet size is 216 X 356. Among other features of this printing unit, it can be noted that it is able to output on envelopes and thermal film. The lowest value of carrier density was established by the company's engineering engineers at 60 g / m2. And its greatest value is 160 g / m2. For this reason, it is not allowed to print inthis case on such common carriers as whatman, packaging cardboard or photographic paper. Each of them has a much larger density, and this alone can damage the printing system.

samsung ml 1615 reviews

Main characteristics

To print 5000 pages in monochromatic formcalculated by Samsung ML-1615. Reviews also indicate the sufficiency of this volume for home use, and for offices of entry level. The cartridge model for this printer is ML-1610D2. Its resource is 2000 pages, but after the purchase it is capable of producing only 1,000 sheets. As a result, 2-3 times per month you need to fill it with toner. Again, there are two ways to refill the cartridge. One of them is the use of so-called unlocking chips, which return the print counter to its original state. The second is to reflash the new shell of the printing unit. In this case, the counter also returns to its original state. The resolution of the printed documentation is 600 X 600, and this provides mediocre print quality. But this feature is valid not only for the solution under consideration, but for other solutions based on the laser printing method. On warm-up this printer spends 20 seconds, on the first page - 10 seconds. Then such a printing unit can output up to 20 A4 pages.

Set of ports

The presence of 2 communication ports canboasting the Samsung ML-1615. The main one is USB, and the backup one is LPT. It is not necessary to expect any additional wired ports or wireless methods of information transmission in a budget laser printer. The presence of any such additional component raises the final cost of the device, which in this case is unacceptable. Therefore, the owners of such a printing node will have to be content with a modest set of two wire interfaces.

printer samsung ml 1615


Only for the two most commonfamilies of system software developed by the South Korean company official drivers. One of them is "Windows". And initially in the list of support were its versions from XP and ending with "Vista". But with the later OS of this family initially could not work Samsung ML-1615. Windows 7 and other most current versions of the operating systems of this model range are also supported by this peripheral device, but in this case they will have to be downloaded separately from the official site of the South Korean manufacturer. The second type of OS for which there are drivers is MacOS.

Noise. Energy consumption. Dimensions and weight

50 dB is the noise level during operationSamsung ML-1615. The reviews indicate his mediocre level of noise. There are more and more noisy models of multifunction devices, and more quiet. During operation, this printer consumes no more than 300 watts. At idle time, this energy consumption does not exceed 10 W at all. The dimensions of this solution are 358 x 217 x 299, and its weight is 5.5 kg.

samsung ml 1615 windows 7

Reviews. The cost. Outcomes

Now the laser printer in question can bebuy for 2500-3000 rubles. He does not have significant flaws, but there are many advantages. These include speed, low cost and an expanded set of ports. Therefore Samsung ML-1615 is perfect for small printing systems.

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