What does "connection optional" mean? "Optional" means "out of stock"?

Many buyers in the electronics market orcomputer technology are faced with the concept of "optional". This means that something is not available by default. At least, so many sellers say. Manufacturers describe the technical characteristics of the device in the list and certainly mark some functional with this term. From the article the reader learns what is hidden under the concept of "optional", and whether it makes sense to purchase products, the functional of which is so marked.

optionally it means

Explanation of the term

In fact, many sellers are right, optional - thismeans that there is no necessary functional, but with a special desire of the buyer it can be added, however, for a fee. Upset in this case is not worth it, because the market has a lot of similar technology, which also does not have the characteristics necessary for the future owner. That's only in such devices and optional connection is impossible.

Such a term the buyer can meet duringpurchase a computer or laptop, where the seller will assure that the future owner can install a video game adapter, add Bluetooth or a professional sound system. The market of electronics or household appliances optionally provides functionality for working on the Internet, reducing power consumption and other opportunities.

which means optional connection

Need to clarify

What does "connection optional" mean?learn from an illustrative example. You need to imagine a new car, which in its complete set does not have an air conditioner. But the seller says that at the request of the buyer, he can install the necessary component for a fee. That is, optionally the car supports the operation of the air conditioner, but by default it is sold without the devices desired by many future owners for comfort. After all, there are many buyers who are interested in the low cost of the machine, albeit in harm to convenience.

It turns out that the manufacturer did everything possible,on the one hand, to please the buyer, and on the other hand, without having installed the necessary components, provided the end user with an affordable device with the mark "optional". This means that the owner will have to decide on his own whether it is worth using additional opportunities, or not.


Unequivocally, most manufacturers seekwin the market of budget devices. And in the struggle for this segment of inexpensive technology, many have to make compromises. Some worsen the quality of their product, others endow their goods with the functionality that is provided, but not supplied. In any case, optional - it means, rather better than worse. After all, in any case, it is better to always have opportunities for the future, rather than their complete absence. The end user does not lose anything.

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