Samsung SyncMaster E1920. Specifications and reviews

Everyone knows that the monitor is very importantcomponent of the computer, since it is he who transmits visual information to the user. Also, the monitor may adversely affect the user's eyes. Therefore, you need to carefully select a monitor and pay special attention to certain points, which at first glance seem insignificant. Consider a wonderful monitor Samsung SyncMaster E1920. What is it and is it worth to buy it at all? This is what we will try to understand.

A little about the company

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsungis well known to the overwhelming number of our compatriots. In every second Russian house there must be some device from this company. Now Samsung is famous for its smartphones. They are recognized as one of the best. But the company also produces TVs and monitors. The latter is especially important for personal computer owners, since Samsung monitors are known for their quality and reliability. The same applies to the Samsung SyncMaster E1920.

samsung syncmaster e1920

The company focuses on quality and newtechnologies. That's why the devices of this manufacturer are very popular. Even despite the high cost. Many are willing to overpay for a better quality gadget. As for the monitors, here Samsung already has a lot of developments for a long time. The process is debugged, so that misfire does not happen. Even the most budgetary models such as the Samsung SyncMaster E1920 are characterized by high quality performance. Let's consider its advantages in more detail.

Appearance and design

In the external appearance Samsung SyncMaster E1920 is not presentnothing remarkable. It is an ordinary rectangle made of opaque plastic with a glossy screen. The monitor controls are located on the lower panel on the right side. The display comes with a stand that looks just as unremarkable. And this is natural. Expect from the budget device any miracles in terms of design is not necessary. The design of the monitor is made in a simple style. This allows him to perfectly fit into the interior of the office, and in the home environment. Versatility is the hallmark of this display.

samsung syncmaster e1920 monitor

There is, however, a significant drawback. Mounting the monitor to the stand looks rather shaky and unreliable. Frequent turns and tilts can damage the mechanism. In this case, a problem arises: how to use the display in the future, because the wall mounting option for this model is not provided. Of course, the Samsung SyncMaster E1920 in this regard is somewhat weak. But it's nothing. The main thing is that the image quality is not affected.


Now consider the "inner world" of the monitorSamsung SyncMaster E1920. Its characteristics are standard for a budget device. It has a TN + Film matrix. This provides an optimal response (5 milliseconds), but fast moving objects on the monitor have a barely noticeable loop. This indicates that for dynamic games such a display is absolutely not suitable. The working resolution of the monitor is 1366 by 768 pixels with a diagonal of 19 inches. Agree, a rather modest figure. The image may look somewhat grainy. But for working with documents and surfing the Internet and this is quite enough.

samsung syncmaster e1920 specifications

The viewing angles are standard for a matrix of this type(170 and 160 degrees). At the slightest deviation of the head to the side, the image will be distorted. But this is the trouble of all displays with a similar matrix. Another feature of the Samsung SyncMaster E1920 is the driver that comes with the device. It can slightly improve the image quality. So you need to install it. The contrast of the screen is 1000 to 1. This is very small. To work with images, this monitor is not suitable. For these purposes, it is better to choose something else. The connection interface is VGA only. No trendy HDMI or DisplayPort. This is also not very good, given the current trends.

Positive reviews

Study reviews - one of the most important stageswhen choosing a monitor. Owners of these devices are in a hurry to share their experience. It is they who can learn how the device behaves in real conditions, and whether the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer are true. In the case of the Samsung SyncMaster E1920, positive and negative reviews are approximately the same number. More often than not, users praise the cost of the monitor. Indeed, it is the cheapest in its class. Also, many people respond positively to the quality of the assembly (with the exception of attaching the stand). But this is common for Samsung. Those who use such a monitor solely for work, consider the image quality to be satisfactory.

samsung syncmaster e1920 driver

Negative feedback

And now it's time for a fly in the ointment. The most common complaint of the owners of this product is that it is almost impossible to find drivers for the Samsung SyncMaster E1920 monitor. They are not on the official website. On the other, the situation is exactly the same. If the driver disk was lost or out of order, then you will have to be satisfied with the standard system software. And this is not very good. Also, many owners note the poor picture quality in games and when watching very dynamic movies. But this has already been said. This monitor is not designed for this. On the shakiness of the mount, to which many users complain, also known for a long time. But the strong heating of the monitor with intensive work - it's already something new. Apparently, this man caught a copy of the marriage.

driver for monitor samsung syncmaster e1920


So, we reviewed the budget monitor SamsungSyncMaster E1920. What can you say about this device? This display can be used only for working with documents. To view sites on the Internet, it is also great. But the games and particularly "fast" movies he does not care. It's all about a cheap matrix that does not have the right characteristics. The screen resolution is too small for such a diagonal. The result is a light grain of the image. Viewing angles are also not good. But they are standard for all monitors of this class. In general, the Samsung SyncMaster E1920 is a budget monitor with a limited set of functions and it needs to be considered when choosing this model.

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