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Vladimir Gusev - actor of theater and cinema, was born in1933, on February 23 - the Defender of the Motherland Day (in previous years the holiday had a slightly different name), which is very symbolic, because both on the screen and in life the artist was always identified with the image of a real man - a handsome, noble, honest. Smart external data was a gift of nature, and it seemed that he did not need anything to do in the frame, the beauty itself would say everything ...

Vladimir Gusev

Biography: Vladimir Gusev - Alain Delon of Soviet cinema

Vladimir Mikhailovich comes from a small townKokhma, that in the Ivanovo region, but all his childhood passed in the Vladimir region, in the town of Sobinka. After leaving school, Gusev, without hesitation, decided to link his life with art. Vladimir Mikhailovich entered the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), which in 1957 graduated successfully. It should be added that the future actor studied under the direction of Yulia Yakovlevich Raizman, a Soviet film director, screenwriter, People's Artist of the USSR, Stalin Prize laureate, State Prizes of the USSR and the RSFSR. Perhaps, in many respects, and thanks to communication with such an outstanding person, Gusev's personality was formed in this way, and not otherwise - he always went through life with his head held high, with dignity and respect for himself and others. People who knew the actor closely, always noted his human qualities, his fair heart and great soul.

The modern generation is most likelysuperficially familiar with the work of such a mature personality, as actor Gusev Vladimir. The family and the biography of the artist are also in the shade. However, people of a more respectable age are well remembered and loved by many paintings with the participation of Vladimir Mikhailovich. In their souls sunk as the main roles of the artist, and numerous episodes, not inferior in character, strength and charisma.

Roles in the cinema

Among the first serious works of Vladimir GusevOne can distinguish the paintings "Footprints in the snow" (1955), "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" (1955), "Corrected believe" (1959), "Katya-Katyusha" (1959). But in the films of the next few years, Gusev was given mostly episodic roles. One can note the film "The Hussar Ballad" (1962), where Gusev played the wounded adjutant of the field marshal, "Stitch-paths" (1963) - where the actor was involved in the role of the driver Semyon.

The subsequent roles of the film actor in the films "Resident Error" (1962), "Eternal Call" (1973-1983) are associated with images of military men, officers, strong and courageous.

Have actor Gusev played and negativecharacters, for example, in the film "The End of the Ataman" (1970) he got the role of a chekist traitor, and in the film "Proceed to Eliminate" (1983) - a bandit named Val'ka Krest.

Vladimir Gusev the actor

There is an artist and very bright and memorablerole of the second plan. One can not help noticing the general in the film "Moscow does not believe in tears" in the performance of Gusev. Actor under the script has not got too much text, but it does not matter - it's become and the external appearance is all said for him. Needless to say, Vladimir Mikhailovich has a very military form. By the way, he was often called Alain Delon of the Soviet era.

Actor from God

The last picture, in the filming of which tookparticipation Vladimir Gusev, - the film "Ermak" (1996), where the actor played the Cossack. After that he left the movie once and for all. Years later, in rare interviews admitted that from time to time he received proposals for filming in the movies, but life principles and conscience never allowed the actor to descend to low-grade scenarios. In general, Vladimir Gusev is an actor from God, and it should be said that he came to the screen with a whole group of outstanding artists, beautiful, young, who identify life and a bright future in the post-war years of unsettled and uneasy existence. Among colleagues in the workshop Gusev can be called Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Yuri Belov, George Yumatov. And this "fresh blood" instilled confidence from the screens that everything would be fine. In the 50-ies. XX century in the Soviet Union was shot a huge number of films about young people.

Biography Vladimir Gusev

In parallel, filming Gusevalmost thirty years (from 1959 to 1988) served in the theater-studio of the actor. In addition, the actor was engaged in the sound of numerous foreign films. His voice can be heard in more than twenty scenes.

The personal life of the actor

And although in numerous films, VladimirMikhailovich often got used to the image of brave superheroes, in his life he was a modest man who, in his own words, did not like to stick out. For example, the title of People's Artist Vladimir Gusev was never awarded, and the title of Honored was purely accidental, by chance. It should be added that, among other things, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gusev was also very demanding of himself. Often, looking at himself from outside in a movie, he noticed the flaws of his acting profession and regretted that nothing could be done to correct it.

Actor Gusev Vladimir family

Was once married. With his future wife, he met as a student of VGIK. Soon after graduation, they signed and hand in hand for life for many years, and in 2008 they marked a golden wedding. Of course, as in any family, there have been disagreements in their relationship, but the ability to forgive is the main quality that must be enjoyed in a marriage, "says Vladimir Mikhailovich's wife.

The last few years, actor Vladimir GusevHe was seriously ill and was bedridden. His wife took care of him. The Nikita Mikhalkov Foundation "Urga" helped the actor's family with money. Vladimir Mikhailovich Gusev died on February 7, 2012. He was buried at the Troekurov cemetery.

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