What if I need a cat mask?

Today, one must be able to make masks not onlymothers, whose children are going to the matinee to the kindergarten. Since recently they have become very popular thematic parties and various kinds of costumed corporate parties, the ability to create carnival costumes, including masks, with their own hands can be very useful.

Where to begin

cat mask

If you need a cat mask, the first thing you needTo do it is to think carefully about your idea: what kind of mask it will be - a kitten, a domestic or wild cat, that it may be necessary to make it, as later the finished product will be combined with the whole costume. Therefore, you must first determine the material and color range, which will be made an accessory.

Possible materials

A cat mask can be made from variousmaterials. The simplest option would be to create it from cardboard and paper. It is better and a little richer to look a mask made of cloth. You can also combine different materials and create an accessory from everything that is just at hand.

cat mask

First step

First of all, before you startmaking a cat mask, you need to make it a "draft", try it on and determine how much the future mask will be comfortable. Current as the basis of any such product - cardboard, you need to take a thick paper, draw and cut the desired sketch. Immediately after trying on the "draft" will be seen where the mask needs to be adjusted, where to add material, and where to remove. Finally, by altering it, you can proceed to make a real mask. It's also good to try on a "draft" with the whole suit and make sure that everything is in harmony and does not differ at least in style.

Paper mask

The mask of a cat can be paper. To do this, you need to stock up with cardboard, which will be its foundation, as well as colored paper, to which it will be decorated. In passing, you can use sparkles, bright ribbons, interesting stickers.

Tissue mask

A cat mask can be made of cloth. So it will look better, moreover, there is much more room for imagination here than in a paper mask. It is worth to clarify that when creating a mask from the fabric, cardboard as its basis will be used in passing. By wrapping the cardboard blank with material, you can include fantasy and decorate your product as you please: ribbons, sequins, beads, etc.

cat's mask

Mask from the movie

If you need a mask of a female cat, you can ideaborrow from the movie of the same name and create a classic mask that is not put on the eyes, but a slightly different version - on the whole head. A cat mask borrowed from a film can be made from the skin or dermantin by the hands. So it will look better, than in the case if it is made of fabric. Well you need to think out cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth - they should be comfortable, do not interfere with the review or movement of the lips. Well beforehand here also make a draft version of the mask. The completion of the image will be lovely ears, which should be worn on the head. You can attach them to a bandage or a hoop of the appropriate color, so they will sit comfortably and comfortably on the vertex.

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