Shoe pads for different purposes

In the production of shoes can not do without pads - they are the basis. Their main role is to give shoes, boots, etc., the desired shape, similar to the shape of the foot.

Shoe pads

According to their purpose shoe pads are basic (they are also protracted) and auxiliary (stretching, finishing, spreading).

For the formation of the upper part of the "clothes for the feet", protracted ones are used, in order to prevent possible deformation during the finishing process - finishing

Pads for stretching shoes are called stretch,they are used both for new and for already used specimens. For storage at home, for the purpose of preserving the appearance, so-called shoe pads are used.

The shoe pads differ betweenin many respects: length, sex and age, purpose, completeness, design, material, the shape of the nose and the level of elevation of the heel part. Shoe-making shoes (they are also long), as well as shoes for their intended purpose (depending on sex and age), are divided into ten groups.

Pads for stretching shoes
In each group, they differ inlength. Shoe pads have a number according to the metric system, which is equal to the length of the foot in centimeters. The interval between neighboring numbers is half a centimeter. Even those shoe pads that are of equal length can be characterized by different completeness (transverse dimension), which also has a numbering from 1 to 7 (sometimes 9).

But that's not all! Depending on the shape of the nose, elevation of heel and heel height, shoe pads are divided into several groups: without a heel, low (up to 2.5 cm), medium (3-4 cm), high (5-6 cm), especially high (more than 6 cm) heel. Depending on the design, they are also divided into sliding, solid and articulated with a wedge wedge options.

For sewing shoes with internal forming of blanks, sliding pads are used.

Shoe Sock Boots
One-piece machines are used for the manufacture of turning, side and sandal methods of fastening the bottom and room shoes.

The basis of the pads can be various materials. A long view is made of hornbeam and beech wood. Pads designed for making pinets, sandals, room, children's and small children's shoes are usually made of birch. There are metal and plastic devices.

The stretching shape of the pads is indispensable in that case,if you want to stretch the boots or shoes, without deforming them. This device helps to slightly increase the size and change the shape of varnish, leather, suede and other footwear made from natural materials. Non-natural materials, such as artificial leather, should not be subjected to such effects. With the help of this kind of shoe, you can stretch the length and width of different parts of shoes or boots, except for lifting.

In the case of footprints on the foot,calluses, bone spurs and similar troubles stretching becomes necessary. After all, it will make the "clothes for the feet" more comfortable. Stretch pads are equipped with screw parts, which allow for correction very carefully.

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