We make a cat costume for a girl

Preparing for the new year is never too late andit's never too early. And although the series of New Year holidays has already passed, I still want to talk about how you can make a cat costume for a girl at home.

cat costume for girl

Option 1

It should be noted that the costume options can beseveral. The first one is unpretentious. To do this, you need a piece suit for a girl, pantyhose or leggings, as well as a thin blouse. The color scheme can be any, because it depends on what kind of cat the girl wants to portray. It can be white, red, black, gray and even three-suited. For a suit, tights and a blouse are worn on the naked body, the swimsuit is put on top of everything. The base of the suit is ready. But only now you need to take care of accessories. Necessarily the cat should have a tail and ears. They can both be made on their own, and bought in the store. The cat will also decorate the cute bow on the neck. A little easy make-up and the girl is ready for the carnival!

Option 2

The costume of a cat for a girl can also be trouser. To do this, you will need a jacket and panties, which at the edges can be sewn with thin fur if desired. Well, if the suit is piece-work, so the girl will be much more comfortable to play and participate in competitions. Again, it's important to take care of accessories, which can be the same as in the previous version.

Option 3

sew cat costume for girl

New Year's cat costume for a girl can beAlso in the form of a light dress or sweaters with a skirt. However, in this version, you need to take care of the tights, so that the girl was comfortable playing with the children at the party.


Preparing a cat costume for a girl, specialattention should be paid to the ears. They (besides a distinguishing object) will also decorate the head of a small lady. Make them easy. To do this, you need to cut out two triangles from the fabric of a suitable color, and sew them on the sides. Now there are two options: you can immediately sew up the bottom of the ears (pre-stuffing them with a filler for toys, so they stand) and attach to the hoop with a Velcro or just thread them together. However, there is another, more accurate way: sewing the bottom of the ears can be done under the hoop, manually, so they definitely will not disappear anywhere and will not fall off.


Preparing a cat costume for a girl,be sure to do and tail. It is better to make it cone-shaped, rather than cylindrical, so it looks much more believable. If the kitty wants to be fluffy, the tail can be sewn with both tinsel and selected fur.

New Year's costume for girls


Today even the smallest girls demand,so that for the holidays their mothers are slightly tinted. However, in the case of a cat, a bright makeup will be inappropriate. It will be enough to take a few peepholes and emphasize the nozzle, drawing on it a small black dot. To paint lips in a bright color is not recommended.

Selection of material

In order to sew a cat costume for a girl,you must choose not too dense fabric. Well, if it will be a little longer. This is necessary to ensure that the child at the holiday was not hot and comfortable, because the kids are almost always in motion. You can also decorate the costume with New Year's tinsel, so it will be brighter and more festive look.

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