How to replenish Kiwi-wallet is easy and profitable

Popular in Russia and other countries of the former CISpayment system "Kiwi" is quite young, but it is developing very rapidly. Its simplicity and functionality immediately attracted the attention of people, and these rates grew even more, gaining serious turnovers in 2009-2010.

how to replenish a kiwi wallet,
Feature of the payment system "QIWI" -the ability to work with it using any mobile device, via Internet access or via SMS. This also gives users of the system the ability to remain anonymous without providing any other data during registration, except for the phone number. This service is extremely convenient for paying various utility bills, replenishing accounts for the Internet or telephone and in many other directions.

Ways to replenish the wallet, their features and tariffs

Options, how to replenish the Kiwi-purse, nowthere is a lot. The fastest and most affordable way is to use special terminals where you need to deposit cash. Thanks to the rapid development of the country's payment system and support, "QIWI" payment terminals are almost everywhere: in shopping centers, railway stations, cinemas and financial institutions. They belong to several companies:

  • OSMP;
  • E-port;
  • Sprint-net;
  • X-plat;
  • Novoplat.

Replenishment of Kiwi-purse through the terminalis very easy and fast. Selecting the item "Payment for services" from its menu, then you must alternately choose the sections "Electronic money" and "QIWI-purse". In the appeared window you need to enter the purse number, confirm it, specify the phone number and make cash.

Important nuance: commission for replenishment is not charged. But there is one exception: if you put less than 500 rubles, it will appear and will be 3% of the amount (but not less than 3 rubles in any case). The same system works even when the customer uses banknotes with a face value of less than 500 rubles.

payment terminals qiwi
The second option, how to replenish the Kiwi-purse - withusing a credit card from Sberbank. However, you can use the cards of any other banks, their commission is indicated when registering the card online and binding it to the wallet.

This method can be used withInternet banking. To begin with, you need to bind the credit card to the wallet. This is done in the "Add Card" menu. In the process of registration, a small amount of money will be withdrawn from this bank card, which will need to be entered in the special cell of the questionnaire. Now you can specify the card as the source of payment.

How can I replenish the Kiwi-purse? In Russia there is a whole network of exchange points called "CONTACT", where you can easily put both money and extract. However, the commission for the withdrawal of funds is very high - it will be at least 4% of the amount.

replenishment of kiwi wallet through the terminal
The owners of electronic wallets of other systems, such as Webmoney, and others, have the opportunity to exchange funds and replenish the Kiwi-purse on the exchange site of Roboxchange.

In this case, the commission system will be 1.5% when you enter, and 0.5% when withdrawing money.

Also, the commission is charged when calculating for utility services - 1%.

All other internal transactions are conducted without additional commissions.

Of all the ways how to replenish the Kiwi-purse, the most convenient is Internet banking, and for those who like to deal with cash - through payment terminals.

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