Bilberry jam

Every summer, thousands of people go to the forest onsearches of berries. What can be more delicious than freshly harvested blueberries, which contain the aroma of the forest, filled with milk, with a large piece of white bread? Of course, it's good to enjoy delicious berries in the summer, however, and about winter, do not forget. Prudent housewives make jam from blueberries and roll them into cans. But in the winter it will be possible to open this jar and smear the delicious jam on bread with butter or sip sweet dessert. In addition, blueberries (jam or fresh berry) are very useful for sight.

How to cook blueberry jam?

First you need to clear brought from the forestberries from litter: leaflets, small twigs and insects. Then they should be washed in a colander and let the water drain. Jam made from blueberries is made from the calculation: a kilogram of sugar per kilogram of berries. Prepare sugar syrup - transfer the sugar into a saucepan and pour it with a glass of water. Turn on a small fire and cook the syrup, stirring constantly, until the crystals completely dissolve. Then lay the washed berries, mix them and add a little fire. When the jam of blueberry boils, the fire is reduced to a minimum, and after five minutes completely off. Prepare the banks - wash them with soda or laundry soap, rinse well and sterilize over the steam. Half-liter banks will last for ten minutes, banks for 0.75 liters will take at least a quarter of an hour. Then the hot jam is laid out on cans, covered with boiled lids and rolled.

Blueberries with citric acid

For jam it will be required: 1.5 kg of sugar and one kilogram of berries, a glass of water and a third of a teaspoon of citric acid. Berries are sorted, spread on a metal colander and put it on a pan with boiling water for 4 minutes to process blueberries with steam. Brew sugar in water in a saucepan and cook sugar syrup. Pour the prepared berries there and cook them on medium heat for 5 minutes after boiling, constantly removing the foam. Turn off the fire, add citric acid to the jam and roll it into jars.

Harvesting blueberries for the winter is not limited to onejam. This berry can be sugaried or cooked from it compote. For compote, you need three-liter jars, sugar and blueberries, based on 1 kg of berries and 0.5 kg of sugar per jar. Arrange the peeled and washed berries to the banks. A pound of sugar is poured with a liter of water, boiled until it dissolves, and the syrup is transferred into a jar. Allow to stand for about 10 minutes, after which they are added with boiling water to the neck. The can is immediately closed with a lid and screwed.

Jam made of blueberries is delicious, and the candied berry is even tastier. In addition, it turns out thick and viscous like jam, with a rich taste and aroma.

One kilogram of fresh berries will require one and a halfkg of sugar. Washed and peeled berries are put in a blender and ground in a puree. There, sugar is poured and rubbed all to a homogeneous mass. Candied berries are transferred to washed and sterilized jars and tightly rolled. Ready blueberries are stored in a cool place.

This cooking recipe can be a littlemodify, leaving the main ingredients: 1 kg of berries and one and a half kg of sugar. Berries are cleaned of litter and rinsed. They knead them with a crib and cover them with sugar. Then mix and give blueberries to stand up. After an hour, stir again and look, dissolved sugar or not. When it dissolves, the berry mass can be placed in cans.

You can cook a jam-five-minute out of the mixtureblueberries and strawberries. Berries are cleaned of litter and mixed in equal parts: 50% of blueberries and 50% of strawberries. For a kilo of berries take a kilogram of sugar and 1.5 cups of water. Sugar is poured into a saucepan, poured into water, mixed with it, a syrup is cooked over a slow fire and berries are poured into it. When the jam boils, reduce the heat, remove the foam and cook for 5 minutes.

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