Strawberry jam - recipes and tips

Lovers of sweet talk that strawberry jam- this is a product that does not happen much. There are a huge number of recipes for this cooking. One of the simplest sounds like this.

Strawberries need to be cleaned from the tails and rub offwith a damp towel. There is no need to wash berries, there is an opinion that good strawberry jam will not come out of a wet strawberry. It is best to use a slightly unripe berry, and all the rumpled strawberries should be postponed. Strawberries should be put in one layer on the bottom of the pot and sprinkled with sugar. Then the pot of berries should be left overnight, so that the strawberries let the juice. When sugar contacts with berries, they harden, which allows them not to fall apart when boiling.

The next day the pan should be put onminimum fire and let the sugar slowly dissolve. The saucepan should be shaken from time to time, so that the jam is slightly stirred. Before the start of boiling, all of the sugar crystals must be completely dissolved. After this happened, the fire should be increased, and as soon as the strawberry jam starts to boil strongly, add the juice of one lemon. The pan should be removed from the fire exactly after 8 minutes. Immediately jam on the banks can not be poured, otherwise the strawberry will float to the surface. Jam should be left to stand for 15 minutes. If on the surface you notice the foam, add about 10 grams of butter, and the foam will dissipate. Now you can pour the finished product on the banks.

Strawberry jam "Pyatiminutka" is very simple incooking and at the same time useful. Usually this jam made without the addition of water: it is composed of only the strawberries and sugar, add citric acid in rare cases. Berries let the juice themselves, you just need to watch that they are not burnt. Strawberries should be washed and removed. Fresh berries should be put in a bowl or some other deep container and covered with sugar. Then for five hours you need to put the strawberries in the fridge to make the juice appear. After time has passed, the strawberries and the resulting syrup to put in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Hot cooking immediately need to pour on the banks, roll up and put upside down.

Strawberry jam with the following recipeprepare too quickly and quite easily. Since strawberries are brewed in their juice, the jam turns bright, clear and fragrant. Cooked strictly according to the recipe strawberry jam is very tasty and well kept. It should be noted that this jam should be cooked in small portions about two kilograms. For him fit strong berries are not very large. For two kilograms of strawberries you need to take the same amount of sugar and honey, one glass of raspberries and a little vodka. For cooking, you need an enameled container and a spatula made of wood. The berries must first be sorted and removed, then rinsed and dried. They need to add raspberries, and raspberries must be unwashed. Berries should be poured with sugar and put for eight hours in a cold place. Then the juice that was formed should be drained in another dish, add honey to it and boil the syrup. Do not add water. The resulting syrup should be slightly cooled, then put the strawberry into it. Then you need to put the future jam on the stove and wait until the boiling point, then reduce the heat and continue cooking for another 5 minutes. It is important not to forget to remove the foam during the cooking process. This strawberry jam is usually cooked in three meals, a break between which is about ten hours. In the process of cooking, you should also very carefully stir the jam with a spatula made of wood. After it is finally cooked, it should completely cool down. In properly prepared jam berries are distributed in syrup evenly and do not float to the surface.

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