How to cut a watermelon and how it is?

Despite the fact that the birthplace of watermelon is consideredAfrica, the world leader in the consumption of this tasty and healthy berries belongs to Russia. In our country, it fell somewhere around 9-10 centuries and for the last millennium firmly fixed on our tables. Confirmation of this thesis can be seen from the second half of summer in any supermarket and in any bazaar. There reign watermelons. Perhaps it only seems because of their giant size. But let's be honest. What would you prefer on a hot summer day - a sweet peach or a juicy watermelon? Of course, the second. We not only cut the watermelon, serving it as a dessert, we even salted it, despite the incompatibility of the concept of salting and the original sweetness of this berry.

how to cut a watermelon

Despite such a popularity of this berry,how to choose the right way and how to cut a watermelon, not everyone knows. We will not talk about the selection criteria now, since this is a whole science. In addition, at the end of summer, and even more so in the beginning of autumn, almost all watermelons are already filled and tasty. And we'll talk about how to cut a watermelon correctly.

In large families, watermelons are usually cut off by the head of the family during meals, giving the households neat and beautiful pieces. He can do it in several ways.

The most common way is to divide it into lobules.

how to cut a watermelon
From the berry cut two mugs from above and from below,then it is put and divided into skibki. But since cutting this watermelon in this way, despite the apparent simplicity of the method, is not available to everyone, many prefer to act simpler. They also cut off the berries top and bottom, then divide it along in half, and begin to cut into half rings as an onion. Agree that it is much more convenient. But in this case not all watermelon eaters will receive equivalent slices. Watermelon, as everyone knows, is considered the most delicious "middle", because it is the most sugary. And with this method, someone will get the "tops", and someone will be forced to content themselves with "roots".

The same applies to the variant of slicing berriesfrom above in circles. Therefore, it is still more "fairer" to cut off the scraps. If you can not evenly cut a watermelon, as the knife constantly leads to the side, divide it into two parts, and then into smaller pieces.

In general, if you bought not very giant berries, then you can and do not cut it. More precisely - we divide the watermelon in half and give each eater on a spoon with a half.

cut watermelon

It can also be peeled off like an apple,tune in cubes and serve as a dessert, suggesting using it with forks. About how to properly cut a watermelon in this way and do not say - everything is clear from the attached picture. But this method for us is for some reason not so popular as in the West.

In fact, honestly, no one can say,how to cut a watermelon correctly, since the notion of "correctness" and "irregularity" is simply not applicable here. You do not clean the fish, which is supposed to start to get rid of the scales from the tail, and do not repair the electric switch, where it is important for you to connect the contacts in the required sequence. A eating watermelon, like its cutting - a matter of taste and habit.

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