Chanterelles - useful mushrooms. Properties and description of the gifts of the forest

Widespread fungi that growin coniferous and mixed forests, are chanterelles. Their plentiful growth begins in July and lasts until the end of autumn. How to look like mushrooms chanterelles, almost everyone knows. The shape of the cap of these orange representatives of the forest world looks like a wrapped umbrella. Feet of chanterelle is dense, smooth and continuous. It almost fuses with the hat. The appearance of chanterelles is unusual, that's why these mushrooms are difficult to mix up with any others.

chanterelles mushrooms useful properties
Chanterelles - useful mushrooms. Their properties are due to the vitamins B, A and PP contained in the composition. There are many amino acids in them, as well as microelements (copper and zinc). The use of mushrooms chanterelles manifested when they are used. They can improve the overall condition of the mucous membranes, especially eyeballs, and also increase the body's resistance to various infections. Inclusion of these mushrooms in the menu has a beneficial effect on vision, helping to get rid of the so-called night blindness. At the same time, various eye diseases are prevented.

the benefits of mushrooms chanterelles
Chanterelles are mushrooms whose useful propertiescause their use as antihelminthic agents. They have chitinmanosis in their composition. This substance has the ability to destroy the envelope of ribbon worms and worm eggs, preventing their growth. That's why chanterelles are not wormy. Chitinmanosis does not tolerate heat treatment. This element is allocated by pharmacological companies from mushrooms and is included in the composition of medical preparations. Russian scientists developed the drug "Fungo-Shi Lisichki." It is considered to be the best antihelminthic drug.

Chanterelles are mushrooms whose useful propertiesare due to the presence of ergosterol in their composition. They effectively affect the enzymes of such an important organ as the liver. That is why they recommend the invaluable gift of the forest to be taken for food with hepatitis, fatty degeneration and hemangiomas.

No doubt, chanterelles are useful mushrooms. The properties of antibiotic substances in their composition can reduce the growth of tubercle bacilli and stimulate the functions of beta cells located in the pancreas. The anti-cancer effect of chanterelles on the organism was also revealed.

A forest gift is used in fungotherapy. The use of mushrooms chanterelles in this case is manifested in the treatment of angina, furunculosis and abscesses.

This invaluable gift of nature is andan excellent dietary product. Use it in canned, fried and boiled. In order to improve the taste, the dried chanterelles are soaked in milk for one hour before cooking. The benefits of incorporating the fungus into the menu are indicated by its ability not to absorb radioactive elements from the soil.

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Even the most famous restaurants offer their ownvisitors to the dish with chanterelles. Mushrooms are prepared separately or added to salads, spaghetti, rice, potatoes. Chanterelles are perfectly combined with meat. They are magnificent with fish, greens, vegetables, as well as with various seafood. A noble and original taste can be given to any dish and mushroom sauces.

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