Berry Sanberri: a recipe for making delicious blanks

Berry Sanberri, the recipes of the blanks from which we will present in this article, is called in a different way a garden nightshade.

sanberry recipe
This culture was introduced by breeders artificially. The structure of this annual is similar to the structure of tomato. The low bushes are hung with dark purple large berries - this is sanberry. Recipes that we picked up will help you prepare incredibly useful fruits of this plant for the winter. Let's start with a description of the bush.

A little about sanberry

The recipe for the preparation of these berries must be taken into accounttheir bright intense taste. They are saturated with microelements, so it will be superfluous to try to save all the useful properties in the cooking process. The berries of sanberry are usually harvested in September. Some enterprising gardeners cover plants with a film. This allows you to feast on fruits until the onset of snowy winter months. It is also possible to store Sanberry for a long time (the recipe does not always provide for the use of fruit taken from the bush) in a cool room for up to one month. Before cooking, the berries are always scalded - this removes the specific nightshade taste that they possess.

Dried fruits of sanberry

The recipe for cooking involves holding in the oven at a low temperature. You can use a special drying unit.

 sanberry recipes
The temperature should be between 50 and 60 degreesCelsius. It takes two to four hours to dry the sander. The berries are periodically mixed. Before drying, they are washed and sorted. Spread on a baking sheet in one layer. In the sun, usually these berries do not dry - this can lead to the loss of useful properties of sanberry.

Recipe for liqueur

It will take a kilo of berries and 1.2 kilogramswhite sugar. Mix the ingredients, cook on low heat until the syrup becomes thick. Cool it down. Pour a quality vodka - it should be as much as ready-made syrup. After mixing, pour into bottles, store in a cellar or other cool dark place. In order to make wine, the berries must first be crushed, and then covered with sugar.

berry sandberry recipes
Put in the bottle, you should top up the neckboiled cold water and put on top a rubber medical glove. Within a month the wine will ferment, and then it can be filtered and bottled for storage.

Other blanks from sanberry

The berries can be frozen on flatpallets, if you have a good freezer. After the fruits have hardened, they are laid out in packages, knotted, stored for up to a year. You can wash the washed berries with sugar and already in such a form to be frozen in plastic containers. You can make unsweetened vegetable caviar with the addition of sanberry. For this, in addition to a kilogram of berries, you need 500 g of good sweet carrots, three onions, vegetable oil for roasting, greens, sugar and salt. Sunberry is better cut in half and in this form fry. Separately, save salted vegetables. All the ingredients to pass through a meat grinder with herbs and spices, boil, spread on cans.

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