What is the meaning of the name Inga

Inga - the name of Old Norse. In translation into Russian means "winter". Owners of this name - women are mysterious and uneasy. They always have their opinion on all issues and certainly express it, regardless of whether they are asked about it or not.

the meaning of the name inga

Meaning of the name Inga

This person is quite complicated. Inga is woven from contradictions. It can turn mountains and turn rivers back, but only in order to do differently than it is told. She decides when and what to do, with whom to communicate, and with whom to feud. Making her do something that she does not like, almost impossible.


The meaning of the name Inga is revealed already in the earlyage. The period of childhood for her is the most acute. She is extremely touchy and vindictive. Little Inga does not know how to distinguish between evil and good. Good and bad for her are equally acceptable. The latter is much more common. Inga likes to exaggerate. Parents and acquaintances can notice that she sometimes deceives for her own benefit or just for the sake of interest. It is almost impossible to eliminate this trait, but it is necessary to try. Parents should talk to Inga as often as possible about what is good and what's bad. Perhaps this will work for her in the right way. Most often, Inga chooses his father as the object of his adoration. She is considered with his opinion, although in most cases it comes in its own way.

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Adult Inga

The meaning of this woman's name leaves a markfor the rest of her life. With age she becomes a little kinder. However, it is still difficult to communicate with her. Just like in childhood, she likes to contradict. Inga with pleasure will listen to all the advice of friends and do the opposite. On the other hand, it easily succumbs to someone else's influence, but never admit it even to itself. Ingu can not be called prudent. It is peculiar to do stupid and unpredictable actions. She often makes mistakes that do not make her life happier. It is difficult to build relationships with her. In this regard, she does not have

inga value of the name
so many friends. The meaning of Inga's name implies some mystery. This woman is usually interested in various fortune-telling and sincerely believes in them. She will gladly spread out maps for you and read your future. But to trust her in this matter is especially not worth it.

The meaning of the name Inga for men

Due to its mysteriousness, eccentricity andimpermanence, this woman likes men. It is for them as an unattainable and ever-elusive goal, which can not but be intrigued. However, Inga will not flirt or flirt. She is not interested in short-term novels. Finding a suitable man, she will look closely and check her feelings, do not hurry with the choice, for her it is very important. But in case the parents are against this connection, everything changes dramatically. Only from a sense of contradiction, she can start a serious relationship and even get married. Inga will be a wonderful wife, a strict mother. Given its complex nature, there can be complex and unkind relations with the mother-in-law. Smooth conflict can try her husband. But it's hardly possible to radically change the situation.

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